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     Official Song of theState of Louisiana Give Me LouisianaWritten by Doralice FontaneComposed by Dr. John CroomGive me Louisiana,The state where I was bornThe state of snowy cotton,The best I've ever known;A state of sweet magnolias,And Creole melodiesOh give me Louisiana,The state where I was bornOh what sweet old memoriesThe mossy old oaks bringIt brings us the story of our EvangelineA state of old tradition,of old plantation daysMakes good old LouisianaThe sweetest of all states.Give me Louisiana,A state prepared to shareThat good old southern custom,Hospitality so rare;A state of fruit and flowers,Of sunshine and spring showersOh give me Louisiana,The state where I was bornIts woodlands, Its marshesWhere humble trappers liveIts rivers, Its valleys,A place to always giveA state where work is pleasure,With blessings in full measureMakes good old LouisianaThe dearest of all states.Give me Louisiana,Where love birds always singIn shady lanes or pastures,The cowbells softly ring;The softness of the sunsetBrings peace and blissful restOh give me Louisiana,The state where I was bornThe smell of sweet cloverWhich blossoms everywhereThe fresh new mown hayWhere children romp and playA state of love and laughter,A state for all here afterMakes good old LouisianaThe grandest of all states.

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