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我要請人幫我翻譯(中翻英)!!!贈點20 哪個好心人幫我









所以,星巴克把員工當成第一層顧客討好,把廣告、行銷資源都放在員工身上。給予員工很多教育訓練,讓大家有能力成為星巴克的咖啡大使,更不同的是,與給予所有員工廣泛的醫療保險與股票選擇權,叫做「豆股票」(bean stock)。



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    S : Dark brand leader、whole world most heavy coffee chain store that favor is it collocate fittings sell to know howing W : Too serious is it cost an arm and a leg、has not it is it inhale Yan district to set up to have to selling to on sale throughout color O : Make the best of the advantage of giving play to the large-scale production of the large figure of chain store、enter into an alliance with tactics of other catering trade T : Tall tree catches the wind、coffee market become ripe、numerous、easy to imitate substitute already Factor that Starbucks succeeds ---No matter Starbucks enters that market、has not gone to the media to advertise. Starbucks does not have Hi-Tech、there is no patent、Xiao Zi understands the speciality of Starbucks very much、' succeed and totally establish on the relation between staff and enterprise. ' 85% which Starbucks camp accepts is the retail sales come from contacting with consumers face-to-face、the staff and consumer are interdynamic each time、is the greatest decisive factor of the impression of the brand、the staff will influence the quality which consumers experience、if the staff have low morale. So、Starbucks regard staff as first customer please、advertisement、on sale throughout resource set free on staff. Offer much education and training to the staff、let everybody have the ability to become the coffee ambassador of Starbucks、more different one is、with offering extensive medical insurance and stock option to all staff、named ' the beans stock ' ( bean stock) . Starbucks is putting out the new products constantly. 1995、Starbucks puts out its promise of cloth of France that the trash ice is broken、let Americans who always drink the hot coffee love product coffee of icing. The speed that Starbucks puts out the new products is quicker now、only put out 7 kinds of new beverages in 2002、especially break the tradition and adjust sweet taste or beverages without coffee、increase the appeal to younger generations of Starbucks.

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    Starbucks is giving play to the strength of the brand constantly、looks for the new channel to sell more various Starbucks. 1996、Starbucks develops Starbucks ice cream together with thinking of cooperation drunkly.

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    1998、Starbucks cooperates with Kraft food company、sends the coffee bean of Starbucks to the whole American supermarket. And、Starbucks all accomplish the first place in each new field.

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