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    (Developed the new market and the customer > furthermore, because

    southwest the aviation enterprise culture existence long time, the

    short distance transportation has already become the company

    representative pattern. If the company did not persist speech which

    develops toward the international airway, considered the type the

    uniformity may cause the personnel the training simplification, whole

    on is more convenient, moreover continues to maintain low price

    management image and so on factor, perhaps may this kind of successful

    management method entire wrap utilization in other countries, develop

    the new market and the customer.So long as makes the adjustment in view of the local expense custom

    and the culture, also does not need the risk to invest the new

    equipment and the capital above the international airway, also can be

    handy according to the formerly successful convention in the locality.

    Certainly, each kind of strategy choice all must have its necessary

    measure the support, is defends Cheng Shih the management perhaps the

    overflow -like expansion, possibly all is under the consumer market

    mechanism must the elastic reaction two strategies.

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