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中翻鷹~ 非常急~麻煩各位幫我忙~20點

1. 墾丁國家公園是我國台灣地區六個國家公園中,唯一擁有海域之國家公園,海域有黑潮暖流經過,年水溫之變化在22。C~29℃之間,且無大溪流沉積物排放之影響,水質清澈,溫度適宜,故適合多種生物生長。由珊瑚所構成之富麗堂皇的海底皇宮,五彩繽紛的珊瑚礁魚類和各式各樣的海貝、藻類問形成絢爛瑰麗的海底景觀

2. 墾丁國家公園海域有千餘種魚類,其中10有8、9是珊瑚礁魚,另外五顏六色的軟硬柳珊瑚約有300種,幾乎每月常見千手海葵、小丑蝦、圓管星珊瑚、條紋蝦魚、大斑躄魚、血紅六鰓海蛞蝓、大旋鰓蟲、比目魚、公主小丑魚、獅子魚、海葵、白斑烏賊、倒帶擬花鮨、虎皮蝶、海鞭蝦虎魚、櫻花蝦、海葡萄、長吻鷹斑鯛、小丑砲彈、花園鰻等20種珊瑚礁生物

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    1. Kending country park is in our country Taiwan area six country parks, only has of country park the sea area, the sea area has the Japan Current warm current process, change the year water temperature in 22. C~29 ℃ between, also the not big brook deposit discharges the influence, the water quality is limpid, the temperature is suitable, therefore suits the many kinds of biological growth. By coral constitution splendid seabed imperial palace, the multi-colored coral reef fish and all kinds of sea shell, the algae asked forms the brilliant magnificent seabed landscape 2. Kending country park sea area to have thousand kind of fish, 10 has 8, 9 is the coral reef fish, moreover colorful soft is hard 柳珊瑚 approximately has 300 kinds, Nearly each month of common thousand sea anemones, the comedian clown shrimp, the circular pipe star coral, the stripe shrimp fish, the big spot 躄 fish, the blood red six gills sea 蛞蝓, greatly turn on lathe the gill insect, the flat fish, princess the comedian clown fish, the liparis tanakae, the sea anemone, the floccosoids cuttlefish, rewinding draws up the flower 鮨, the fierce appearance butterfly, the sea whip goby, the oriental cherry shrimp, the sea grape, the long lips hawk spot porgy, the comedian clown shell, the garden eel and so on 20 kind of coral reefs biology

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