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可以將King Kong & Memoirs of a Geisha預告片的對話



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    King Kong

    Carl Denham: “And lo, the beast looked upon…”

    Carl Denham: “the face of beauty”

    Carl Denham: “And beauty stayed his hand..."

    Carl Denham: “and from that day forward..."

    Carl Denham: “he was as one dead

    Cpt. Englehorn: "So you are ready for this voyage, Ms. Darrow?"

    Ann: "Sure"

    Cpt. Englehorn: "Nervous?"

    Ann: "Nervous?"

    Ann: "No."

    "Should I be?"

    Carl: "Imagine if you will..."

    Carl: " uncharted island..."

    Carl: "...though to exist..."

    Carl: "...only in myth."

    Jimmy: "WALL!!!"

    Jimmy: "There's a wall ahead!!"

    Carl: "That's where I'll shoot my picture

    Preston: "Its deserted."

    Carl: "Of course its deserted”

    Carl: "The place is a ruin."

    Jack: "They've taken Ann!"

    Jack: "Find her!"

    Ann: "Ahhhhhhh"

    Jimmy: "Ms. Darrow!!!"

    Bruce: "Arrrrrrrr!!!!"

    Ann: "BIG SCREAM"

    Jack: "Behind the Wall!"

    Jack (to Carl): "You saw something..."

    Jack (to Carl): "...what took her Carl?"

    Cpt. Englehorn: If you haven't found her in 24 hours

    Cpt. Englehorn: ...there will be nothing

    Cpt. Englehorn: ...left to find"

    ANN: No!!!!!

    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Sayuri Nitta: A story like mine has never been told. I certainly wasn't born to the life of a geisha.

    Old woman: Let me see the girl’s eyes. You are to be a geisha.

    Mameha: Focus on the study. Music is our conversation.

    Hatsumomo: Now we are rival.

    Mameha: A true geisha can stop a man in his tracks with a single look.

    Mameha: You are ready.

    Mameha: You will be the most famous geisha in all Miyako.

    Hatsumomo: I shall destroy you.

    Mameha: The object of every man's fantasy.

    Celebrate the moment.

    Mameha: Tonight the lights open for you.

    Sayuri Nitta: Sometimes I worry she's taken me further away from the things I want.

    Sayuri Nitta: Every step I have taken has been to bring myself closer to you.

    Mameha: We do not become geisha to pursue our own destinies.

    Sayuri Nitta: I want a life that is mine.

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    作業當然自已做 也沒偷懶 只是想要做最後的check

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    -The story like mine, should never be told.

    I wasn't born to the life of for geisha.

    -This one maybe, and other one no.

    -When can I go outside?

    -You can't. It's not allowed.

    -This is the new arrival?

    She still a fish.(她聞起來像於一樣臭/她身上還帶著魚腥味)

    -Let me see those your eyes.

    -With eyes for beauty and knows for talent,

    show you she can be a special girl.


    -How can you have surprising eyes?

    -In that moment, I saw that to be a geisha could ... (讓時間靜止並讓我預見他/當藝伎能讓我再次遇見他)to meet him again, and, to become a geisha.

    -Focus on studies.

    Music, the art of conversation.

    A true geisha, .....(讓每個男人的視線為了他停止/憑眼神就能讓男人神魂顛倒)

    -You already.

    -Now, we are rival.


    -Suppose, you are the object in every men's fantasy.

    The most famous geisha in ".."(祇園)

    -But I'm not.

    -You will be.

    -I want life that is mine.


    -Water is powerful, it can wash way earth, put on fire, ans even destroy iron.

    -Can't you see I want for myself?

    -Sayuri will be come a legend.

    -You took from me, the only thing I ever wanted.

    -I shall destroy you.

    -I have leave my life again, telling it to you.



    參考資料: 小強的大腦
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