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幫我中翻英 拜託了!!送20


瑪利亞從小就是一個活潑、頑皮、愛唱歌的女孩,在1924年進入薩爾茲堡的農伯格修道院當實習修女修道院院長深知瑪莉亞並不適合神職,於是她安排瑪莉亞去巴龍佐格馮崔普(Baron Georg von Trapp)這位海軍上校的家中當家庭教師,



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    Mary is the girl since childhood which lively, is mischievous, likes singing, entered the Saar this fort in 1924 the Naumburg monastery when practice nun monastery chief fully realized Masurium Liya certainly did not suit the god duty, thereupon she arranged Masurium Liya to go to 巴龍 佐格 Feng Cui Pu (Baron Georg von Trapp) in this naval captain's family worked as the tutor, the family holds the post of family teacher Mary after 菩 colonel, carefully looked after ﹐ the children to the child all very much to like her to finally even becoming their ㄉ mother ﹐ their entire family also once to participate in the locality to conduct sings the competition ﹐ to obtain the very good response The whole family life atmosphere harmonious, is content.

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    I want to write an English of the truth, the good and the beauty. ><

    Maria was a cheery, naughty girl who liked to sing. In 1924, she entered Naumburg convent of the fort of Saar to be a practical nun. The chief of the convent believed that Maria was not fit to be a clergy, so he arranged her to go to Baron Georg von Trapp, a Captain's house and served as a family's teacher. She took care of the children carefully and they loved her very much. Further more, she even became their mother. They joined the local sining contest, and had won a good response. The whole family lived happily ever after.

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    I want to write English ><of gains of truth , good and beauty

    Maria was a lively , naughty girl liking singing while as a child, entering Sarr in 1924 , Naumburg convent of the fort was too inferior to fit for ministry as practised nun's abbot to know very well Mary now, then she arrange for Mary to be inferior to go Palestine dragon assist doses of Cui Feng getting general the house of captain work as a private teacher,

    Maria is after Bodhisattva's colonel's family serves as family's teacher, looking after the child carefully, the children all like her very much

    To even became them finally ¨ÉMother, their whole family have also participated in the singing match that the locality has held, have obtained very good response. Whole family's life atmosphere harmony , happiness. (看不見的話.案全選)

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    不要用翻譯軟體= =都很奇怪!