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Taiwan's unemployment rate stayed at a four-year low in October as companies

such as ProMOS Technologies Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

expanded to meet rising overseas demand.

The seasonally adjusted jobless rate was unchanged form September at 14%,

matching the median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of 19 economists.The rate

hasn't been below 4% since February 2001,when it was 3.8%.The number of people

unemployed on the island fell to 424000 form 430000 in September,the statistics

bureau said today in Taipei.

Low unemployment may make houreholds more inclined to spend,helping President

Chen Shui-bian's government achieve its 4% economic growth target for this

year.Consumer spending in Taiwan will likely rise 3.4% next year after a projected

gain of 3.1% in 2005,according to Grace Ng,an economist at JPMorgan Chase in

Hong Kong.

"There's support for domestic demand form the labor market,household income,

and low real interest rates," said Ng,who correctly forecasted last month's

jobless rate."Taiwan's strong export sector is driving industrial sector employment."

Taiwan Semiconductor,the world's largest supplier of made-to-order chips said

on Nov.8,that its board approved capital spending of $706.5 million for expansion.

The company and smaller rival United Microelectonics Corp.plan to hire 2100 wokers

this year as they increasep production to fill orders,the Economic Daily News

reported Aug.20,citing the companies.

Without adjusting for seasonal changes,Taiwan's jobless rate was 4.1% in October,

unchanged form the previous month,today's statement said.

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    臺灣的失業率停留了在4 年的低落在10月作為公司譬如ProMOS Technologies Inc. 和臺灣半導體製造業Co. 被擴展適應上升的國外需要。

    隨季節調整的失業率是未改變的形式9月在14%, 匹配中間展望在19 economists.The 率Bloomberg 調查不是在4% 以下從2001 年2月, 當這是3.8%.The 失業者在海島跌倒對424000 形式430000 在9月的人數, 統計局今天說在臺北。

    低失業也許做houreholds 傾斜花費, 在2005 年之後幫助陳水扁總統的政府達到它4% 經濟增長目標為這year.Consumer 消費在臺灣意志明年可能上升3.4% 在計劃的獲取3.1%, 根據雍容Ng, 經濟學家在JPMorgan 追逐在香港。

    "有支持對於國內需求形式勞動力市場, 家庭收入, 並且低實際利率," Ng 說, 正確地展望上個月的失業的rate."Taiwan's 強的出口區段駕駛工業區段就業。"

    臺灣半導體, made-to-order 芯片的世界的最大的供應商說在Nov.8, 那它的委員會被批准的資本支出$706.5 百萬為擴展。公司和更小的敵手團結Microelectonics Corp.plan 今年聘用2100 wokers 如同他們increasep 生產供應定貨, 經濟每日新聞被報告Aug.20, 援引公司。

    沒有調整為季節性變動, 臺灣的失業率是4.1% 在,

    未改變的10月形式上個月, 今天聲明說。

    參考資料: 很高興幫上尼ㄉ忙!!︿︿ˇ
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