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student nurse 發問時間: 健康心理健康 · 1 0 年前

急~~~~幫幫我 T . T 中文翻英文(20點)

Hey guys 我的名字是Momo

我住豐原 今年剛從豐東國中畢業 15歲

我是金牛座的 我喜歡跳舞和彈鋼琴 音樂 會讓我心情很好

雖然2樣都還沒學好 但是我會努力堅持下去 因為金牛座就是執著又有耐心!

金牛座也喜歡欣賞美的東西 人生就是應該浪費在美好的事物上啊~~

金牛座有時候會固執 牛脾氣 有得罪你們 多多包含 也歡迎給建議! 不用客氣 我會改進

金牛座 外冷內熱 不善表達 但事實上 我有一顆真誠善良的心! 希望這5年能跟你們相處的很好 ^ ^

我覺得大專生活很好 自由又輕鬆 除了下禮拜要期末考…

可是我早就想開 只要all pass就好 我就是一個很知足的人

希望你們也能考到自己滿意的成績 最後祝大家新年快樂! 謝謝聆聽~

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  • 1 0 年前

    I stop for plentiful original this year just to graduate 15 years old from the plentiful east junior high school

    I my liking to dance and playing the piano music that am Taurus will make my mood very good

    Although 2 kinds all have not yet learned good I will work hard to insist bottom go to because Taurus persists and has the patience!

    Taurus also likes to appreciate the beautiful thing life should waste on the fine thing~~

    Taurus sometimes would the stubborn cattle temper give offense to you to include to also welcome to give the suggestion much and much! Don't use polite I will improve

    Taurus outside is cold and do not express well inside the heat but in fact I have the heart of a sincerity docile! Hoping this 5 years can with very good that you get along with

    I feel the university life am very very free and relaxed in addition to willing want to expect the end to test the … next week

    However I want to open to want only the all pass early good I am a very contented person

    Hope you also can test the oneself to be satisfied with of the result wishes everyone's happy new year finally! The thanks listens~

    參考資料: 我啦!多年的英文小老師~(有一些是"譯言堂"翻的)
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