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請大家幫我翻成英文 , 謝謝大家噢 !!

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    Get away from it all on a motorized raft, and feel the salty sea breeze caress you as you weave in and out amongst rows of oyster racks at Tapeng Bay.

    On those scorching hot summer days, do you think about getting right away from the oppressive humidity in the large cities" You needn't spend a lot, and you don't have to leave Taiwan. Just take a trip to the mountains and sea waters of Pingtung, where you can fly through the air hang gliding, and explore the underwater beauty of coral; or perhaps, sample all kinds of Fujianese and Hakka food delicacies, and even take part in a Rukai tribal banquet personally prepared by a Rukai chief. Perhaps the best thing of all would be just letting the deep sea waters and verdant mountain forests of Pingtung at Taiwan's "tail,"along with its feast of amazing historical landmarks, wash your eyes clear and rinse away the weariness that's crept into body and mind.

    Covering an area of more than 2,700 square kilometers, Pingtung is shaped rather like a long handle, with Kaoping Creek and the Central Mountain Range forming the two outer edges of one end. Pingtung borders on Kaohsiung to the west, and Taitung to the east. The famous Hengchun Peninsula is situated at the other end of the "handle,"surrounded by the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel and the Pacific Ocean. The county has 33 urban and rural townships, the highest number of any county in Taiwan.

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    Screen □city geographical position

    The bright □light and the rich and populous plain are the nature □□screen □city □the greatly happy □thing. South □the coconut tree □, is □□□stands. Thing □□rich, □□□is bright. South □□□, because has Ji? □□, □the period of five days □is not cruel □, usually has "□southern coastal provinces" □.

    South the screen □city is located □, half Pingshan □, thus Yu Ri? the □generation changes name □the screen □, west separates Gao Pingxi downriver □Gaoxiong □□. The screen □city is located the screen □□west □, □entire □friendly □, west by Gao Pingxi the □Gaoxiong □□, □□□governs, the large male deer Luo river two □, north meets nine like □, south □□Dan □, administrative □territory surface □65.067 square kilometers, some 79 miles, 1,549 □, up to 94 years at the end of August, whole city inhabitant □□657,500 □, person □216,936 people, people □pure □, transportation convenient, industry and commerce □prosperous, is one □is rich □unfolds □the strength metropolis.