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國旗日(Flag Day)

每年六月十四日全美各地公共建築物都懸掛國旗,並舉行愛國慶祝活動。美國國旗俗稱「星條旗」,有紅、白、藍三色,紅色代表勇氣、白色代表自由、藍色代表忠誠。美國國旗制訂於一七七七年六月十四日,由Betsy Ross女士縫製第一面國旗,當時只有十三顆星星,現在美國有五十州,所以有五十顆星星。美國學生要對國旗背誦「忠誠誓言」,背誦誓言時要將右手置於心上表示對國旗及國家的熱愛。美國的國歌名為「星條旗」,也是對國旗的頌揚。


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    National flag day ( Flag Day) The national flag is hung in the public building of all parts of the whole America on June 14 every year, and hold the patriotic celebration. American national flag commonly called as ' the Stars and Stripes ', have red , white , blue three color, red one represent courage , white one is it represent loyally free , blue to represent. The American national flag was made on June fourteen , 1777, is made the first national flag by Betsy Ross lady, there were 13 stars at that time, there are 50 states in U.S.A. now, so there are 50 stars. American students should recite ' the loyal oath ' to the national flag, it expresses the love of national flag and country to put the right hand in the heart while reciting the oath. The national anthem of U.S.A. is called ' the Stars and Stripes ', is praising to national flag too.

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    Flag DayOn June 14 every year, all public buildings hoist national flags and many patriotic events are held all over the United States. The national flag of the United States is called Stars and Stripes, there are three colors on the flag, the red represents valor, white represents liberty, and blue stands for loyalty. The US national flag was institutionalized on June 14, 1777. Mrs. Betsy Ross was the woman who sewed the first American flag. There were only 13 stars on the flag representing the 13 states then, now there are 50 stars representing 50 states. American students take the Plege of Allegiance in front of their national flag, when they recite the Pledge; they put their right hands on the heart to show their passion to the nation and the flag. The American national anthem is named Star Spangled Banner, its lyrics expresses deep aspirations to the flag.「忠誠誓言」(Pledge of Allegiance)原文與中譯:"  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of the America and to the Republic which  it stands: one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  我謹宣誓效忠美利堅合眾國的國旗以及它所代表的共和國:是一個擁有自由與公義而不可分割的國度。縫製第一面美國國旗的 Betsy Ross女士,和美國國父華盛頓(左)、丈夫Geroge Ross (中)與開國英雄Robert Morris (右)


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    National flag date (Flag Day)

    Every year June 14 the entire American each place public works all are hanging the national flag, and hold patriotic celebration. The American national flag popular name "the stars and stripes", has red, white, blue tricolor, red on behalf of the courage, the white on behalf of the freedom, the blue color represents loyally. The American national flag making to June 14, 1777, sewed the first national flag by Ms. Betsy Ross, at that time only some 13 stars, now US has 50 states, therefore had 50 stars. The American students want to recite "the loyal pledge" to the national flag, recites when the pledge must put in the right hand on the heart to express to the national flag and the national deep love. US'S national anthem named "stars and stripes", also is to the national flag praise.

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