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Hospitals that structure truly meaningful forms of engagement usually find that at least a strong core of physicians will step forward and devote the time. Invest in a vice president of medical affairs.Additionally,72 percent of these respondents rate this strategy as very effective. Several of the CEOs interviewed emphasized that the key to success is to hire an effective leader who knows how to communticate. Implement a hospitalist program . More than half the responding hospitals have implemented a hospitalist progam.Some that do not have such a program expect to have one in place within a year.Sixtytwo percent of those with a hospitalist program gave it a high rating related to hospitalphysician alignment. To some degree,this strategy is designed to address physician lifestyle needs by relieving primary care physicians of oncall responsibility and limiting the need for them to leave their office during the day to provide hospital care.Some studies suggest that primary care physicians who use thisextra time to see patients in the office can generate up to an additional $40000 in annual revenues. Some evidence also suggests that hospitalist programs are improving quality and costefectiveness of care.Several CEOs felt that the money saved through their hospitalist program covered its costs. The approaches toimplementing such program vary,but one critical success factor is the willingness to let medical staff members choose whether they use the hospitalist services.Several CEOs noted that some of the most outspoken critics of their hospitalist program initially are now among its most active users. Include physicians in senior management team meetings.Several CEOs noted that physician leaders attend their weekly or biwweekly senior management team meetings.This findins indicates that the physicians find the investment of this time produces valuable outcomes.我自已查單子翻譯過,可是還是不是很順,想問問英文很厲害的人兒,可否幫我翻譯一下呢?謝謝您~

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    醫院允諾的有意義形式通常發現至少內科醫生的堅固的核心將前進並且奉獻時間的架構真地。 投資醫學affairs. Additionally,這些回答者比率百分之72的副總統這個策略有效。 接見的一些首席執行長官強調成功的關鍵是租用知道怎樣交流的一位現有的領導人。 實施一個殷勤款待計畫。 更多, 一半回答醫院已經實現的殷勤款待progam.Some, 有這些 計畫期望有一在適當的位置在year.Sixtytwo內有一個殷勤款待計畫的那些的百分之給天氣一個與醫院內科醫生調整有關的高的等級。 在某種程度上, 這策略用於寄給內科醫生生活模式以在電話責任上把最初保健護理內科醫生從解放出來並且限制需要適合他們離開他們辦公室需要, 在白天預防醫院關心。 一些研究建議 使用這段加時看見在辦公室的病患能產生到價值為一附加40000 美元的年收入的那最初保健護理內科醫生。 一些證據也建議殷勤款待計畫改進小心的質量和costefectiveness。 幾個首席執行長官感到透過他們的殷勤款待節省計畫的錢包括它的費用。 實施的這樣的計畫的方法變化,但是一個關鍵的成功原素是讓醫學從業人員選擇是否他們使用殷勤款待服務的意。 幾個首席執行長官指出最初的他們的殷勤款待計畫的一些最直言不諱的批評家現下是在它的最活躍的用戶中。 在高級管理隊伍會議上包括內科醫生。 幾個首席執行長官指出內科醫生領導人參加他們的每周或者兩周一次高級管理隊伍會議。 這也表明那些內科醫生發現這時候的投資產生有價值的結果。

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    醫院允諾的有意義形式通常發現至少內科醫生的堅固的核心將前進並且奉獻時間的架構真地。 投資一醫學affairs.Additionally,這些回答者比率百分之72的副總統這個策略有效。 接見的一些首席執行長官強調成功的關鍵是租用知道多么對communticate的一位現有的領導人。 實施一個hospitalist 計畫。 更多, 一半回答醫院已經實現不的hospitalist progam.Some, 這樣的一個計畫期望有一在適當的位置在year.Sixtytwo內有一個hospitalist 計畫的那些的百分之給天氣一個與hospitalphysician 調整有關的高的等級。 在某種程度上, 這策略用于寄給內科醫生生活模式以把最初保健護理內科醫生從oncall責任解放出來並且限制需要適合他們離開他們辦公室需要, 在白天,提供醫院care.Some 研究暗示 使用thisextra時間看見在辦公室的病患能產生到價值為一附加40000 美元的年收入的那最初保健護理內科醫生。 一些證據也建議hospitalist 計畫改進質量和感到錢透過蓋住它的費用的他們hospitalist 計畫救的care.Several首席執行長官的costefectiveness。 toimplementing 方法這樣的計畫變化, 但是一個關鍵的成功原素是讓醫學從業人員選擇是否他們使用首席執行長官指出的hospitalist services.Several的意愿 那他們的hospitalist 計畫的一些最直言不諱的批評家最初現下是在它的最活躍的用戶中。 在指出的高級管理隊伍meetings.Several首席執行長官包括內科醫生 內科醫生領導人那參加他們每周一次或者findins meetings.This管理隊伍高級的biwweekly 表明那些內科醫生發現那些投資的這時候的生產有價值結果。

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