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A不好意思,小姐what kind of food do you like?







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    A.Sorry, you have made and misplaced the something small and hard, the young lady, your seat number is that seat by the window of a4 B.ThanksA.Not at all, whether please point out the card safely in front of remembering checking the seat, must remember tying the safety belt finallyB.Can give to me  This magazine or the newspaper and a pair of earphones about electrical home appliances dress?A.OK, come at onceA.This is a thing you wantB.Thanks B.Oh!  There are interim big sales in the department store now!  It seems that should buy some characteristic ovens and a liquid crystal TV in CalaisA.Sorry, the young lady what kind of food do you like?B.I want a simple green salad and a cup of vanilla milk shakes, by the way all right I  Glass of water and vitamin C? A.Could you tell me do you have anything uncomfortable, the young lady? B.I have a headache a bit, perhaps let me catch a cold!A.OK, I will help you to prepare at once 

    參考資料: 夢中
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    On the airplane

    A is embarrassed, young lady you made the wrong seat, your place position number was a4 depends on the window that seat B to thank A not to be impolite, please remember inspected in front of the seat whether had the security indicator card, finally had certainly to remember tied safety belt B to be possible to give me ㄧ this related electrical appliances clothing magazine or the newspaper and an earphone?

    A good, immediately comes thing B which A this is you wants to thank B ha! Now department store limited big sale Ye! Looked like Calais must buy some to have the characteristic oven and liquid crystal A is embarrassed, Miss what kind of food do you like?

    B I take simple vegetables salad and a cup of vanilla milk shake, while convenient may my ㄧ cup water and vitamin C?

    A ask what young lady you do have ill?

    B I a little the headache, perhaps I caught cold!

    A good, I help you to prepare immediately

    參考資料: 翻譯機