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    5. Peripherals

    The devices are called "Peripherals" except the host system, such as mouses, keyboards, speakers, monitors, scanners, printers, officejets, microphones, camcorders, routers, exteranl CD-RW, digital camaras, UPS(USB interface).....Anything connected to host systems are called peripherals.

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    5. Peripherals:

    Peripherals can be any devices other than host computer. For instance, mouse, keyboard, speaker, monitor, scanner, printer, multi-task printer, microphone, webcam, hub, external CD/DVD burner, digital camera, and UPS(USB interfaced), etc. Anything connected to host computer can be called "Peripheral".

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  • naekuo
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    (One definition)

    A peripheral is a type of computer hardware that is added to a host computer in order to expand its abilities. More specifically the term is used to describe those devices that are optional in nature, as opposed to hardware that is either demanded, or always required in principle.

    (Your definition or the other definition)

    The term also (A peripheral) tends to be applied to devices that are hooked up externally, typically through some form of computer bus like USB. Typical examples include mouses,keyboards, speakers, joysticks, scanners, multi-task printers, microphones, external CD/DVD burners and digital cameras.

    (NO! NO! NO!只要是接到主機的設備....都可稱做周邊設備!!!)

    Devices such as monitors(營幕) and disk drives are not considered peripherals when they are not truly optional, and video capture cards are typically not referred to as peripheral because they are internal devices.

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