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七For example, with the cutter, shank, and holder geometry displayed, VERICUT detects transitions and spindle moves that would have caused a collision between the part or fixture on the shop floor. Catching that glitch before the part is cut has saved costly spindles, fixturing, and mill time. These capabilities of VERICUT enables Jostens to run both critical and non-critical tools. Critical tools are those cut from production tools at very low tolerances (.0005) while non-critical tools are generally plastic prototypes cut at higher tolerances (.001 to .002) with minimal operator intervention. The operator only needs to put the proper cutters in the machine at the beginning of a job, replace any tools during OPSTOPS and inspect the finished tool upon completion of the program. That in and of itself gives the operator the freedom he needs to more efficiently schedule the work for the shift.

Perfect Tool Paths and Finishing the Process

八 After the NC program has been proven on VERICUT, it is brought to the shop floor and machined. "After running the tooling programs are run through VERICUT, we know they will be machined correctly the first time," says Smith.

九 The resulting customized tools are combined to create a wax model of the desired ring. The model is sent to the casting facility where it is investment cast, polished, packaged, and distributed to the customer. Investment casting, or "lost wax," has been used in various industries for decades. This precision process successfully casts the detail required to meet the customers’ expectations as well as Jostens’ standard of quality.

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    七舉例來說,藉由被顯示的裁剪者,脛和持有人幾何學, VERICUT 發現轉變而且變細長會引起在工場上的在部份或固定物之間的碰撞的移動。捕捉部份前的那一個過失是削減已經節省昂貴的紗錠,固定物,和壓榨機時間。VERICUT 的這些能力使 Jostens 能夠跑既重要的且非重要的工具。重要的工具在非常低的包容是來自生產工具的那些削減(.


    001 到。002)藉由最小的操作者干涉。操作者只需要把適當的裁剪者放入機器從最初的地方一個工作,在 OPSTOPS 期間替換任何的工具而且在計畫的完成之後檢查完成的工具。在和它本身給操作者自由他對於變化需要比較有效率地預定工作。


    網絡計算機計畫後的八已經在 VERICUT 上被證明,它被帶給工場而且以機器製造。 "在跑用工具工作計畫之後被進行過 VERICUT ,我們知道他們將確地被以機器製造第一次, " 史密斯說。

    產生的根據客戶需要而修改的工具被聯合創造被需要的戒指的一個蠟模型的九。模型被派遣到它是被投的投資的投擲設備,擦亮的,包裝,而且對消費者分配。投資投擲,或 "失去了蠟, " 已經被用於各種不同的工業長達數十年之久。這一個精密程序成功地投必需符合消費者的期待和品質的 Jostens' 標準的細節。