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~超緊急~我需要五篇英文的小短文 且附上中文意思

~超緊急~我需要五篇英文的小短文 且附上中文意思

~超緊急~我需要五篇英文的小短文 且附上中文意思

拜託 超急的


謝謝你 請你幫我寄到

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    A Sense of Humor

    Having a good sense of humor is a gift whose value should not be underestimated. Humorous people can easily break the ice in social settings where people are unfamiliar with each other or where there is tension in the air. They tend to look at problems more positively than others when they are in trouble. Their merry attitudes cheer themselves up and cannot help but cheer up those around them, too.



    An Abandoned Dog

    The other day on my way home, I saw an abandoned puppy on the sidewalk. He had been placed in an old cardboard box. When I peered into the box, the puppy wagged his tail and gave a little bark. Although he didn't look very clean, he was so cute that I couldn't resist taking him home. Right after I got back to my house, I gave him a bath. Because he is covered in little black spots, I decided to name him Spot.

    Now, Spot is my best pal. We do almost everything together. On weekends, we usually go to the park nearby and play frisbee and we always have a good time. I'm happy I picked up the little dog left on the sidewalk.




    Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching. At this time of year, couples rack their brains thinking of ways to celebrate this special occasion in the hopes of having a memorable day. For single people, Valentine's Day is a time to suffer from loneliness and to avoid lovers walking down the street hand in hand. Valentine's Day, however, is not just for couples. The celebration of "love" has been broadened to include friendships and family relationships.




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