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    Face the bank interest rate to all the way lower contiguously,the wealth accumulation also becomes not easy, so descends to has to the investment and finance behavior of the people to the bank interest rate what topic of the research conduct and actions this special subject research of influence, and is the object that we inquire into the research with the full people over 20 years of age, to issue the questionnaire and returns to return the analytical way to carry on the research with the SPSS line, get to draw a conclusion:

    General public while choosing to invest the financial merchandise will consider several factor, among them interest rate of high and low most in order to value, then do not value more for the promotion activity of the financial merchandise and the finance mangaing method of the friend.

    Because the interest rate descends, the investor has another while investing merchandise is a stock,insurance policy, currently for lately- announced protect this type of insurance policy, already extensive of is accepted by the consumer, and generally the financial merchandise risk for the public is high all compare for tend to avoid.

  • 2 0 年前

    Lasting all the way in the face of the bank rate to drop, wealth accumulation is difficult, the behavior has studying the theme as this case study of any influence to direct against the bank rate and drop the investment in compatriots and manage money matters, discuss target that study with compatriot of full 20 as us, by granting the questionnaire and analysing with the linear return of SPSS that the way carries on research , get the following conclusion:

    General masses will consider multiple factors while choosing to invest in the financial goods, among them the level of the interest rate is paid attention to most, does not pay attention to advertising campaign and the ways to manage money of relatives and friends of the financial goods.

    Because the interest rate drops, investors are mostly stocks , insurance policies while investing in the goods, to the breaking even type insurance policy that is introduced newly at present, the already extensive one is accepted by consumers, and general masses all comparatively walk quickly and keep away to the high one of financial goods risk.