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小儒 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前






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    1.I feel matrimony's cohabiting before is very normal, the premarital cohabitation can even understand your another the half not only, and also can see whether you suit the matrimony or not now!Certainly, want to don't want sex life to is an another matter again.And I will care the parents' opinion, if they can't accept me and also will regard their opinion as principle!

    2.Everyone has the idol, the reaction that do to the idol is also different, some persons will buy the cd, some persons are a madness to make track for the star, and I, I only will see my idol performance silently, and will not have the excessive action, only have to appreciate purely!

    3.Good teacher would a student wear to think, will not side with the whichever student, and treat anyone equally.Respect everyone, the well timed concern and adequacy forgive, this is my good teacher in the heart!

    4.The people shouldn't continue again to catch the animal, this is very cruel, all of any animal is a life, shouldn't kill them, this existence that even shouldn't has the hunter in the world.There are many animals all HAVing already got close to cut off swollen, hope to stop continuing to kill.

    參考資料: 自己
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    hi, 建議你選002, 因為001好像是用翻譯軟體翻的. I agree with Linsenshou.

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    002的比較好一點, 但是還是有問題, 例如第二句的 I does not …應該是 It does not…. Other和half應該分開. Of 和course應該要分開. 在consideration後面可以放句點或分號, 但不能放豆點.

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    1. I think living together before marriage is normal. I does not only help you to get to know your otherhalf, but it can also show whether you are suitable for marriage or not! Ofcourse, it's another issue whether to have sex or not. I will also take my parents' opinions into consideration, if they don't agree, I will still take their opinions as my first choice!

    2. Everybody has somebody that they admire, and the reaction they act towards their role model is different. Some people buy CD's, some chase after their role models crazily. Me, I just watch my role model do his/her show,not to many actions, just simply admiring.

    3.Good teachers take every single little detail into consideration for their students' good, not favouriting any of them, and treats everyone equaly. They respect everyone, cares for and forgives them at the right times. In my heart, this is what I think a good teacher should be like!

    4. People should stop hunting down animals, as it is very cruel. Every animal is a life, you shouldn't be killing them, there shouldn't even be any hunters in this world. There are many species that are facing the danger of becoming extinct, I hope there could be a stop to the killing.

    參考資料: me! me! me!
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