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幫忙翻譯這段英文旅遊對話 很急!!!希望不要用翻譯軟體的

sho:呼~好累阿 這次旅遊真令我難忘阿

Li:是阿~ 害我到現在都還沉醉在其中

Sho:來瞧瞧我們拍的照片吧 剛從相館洗出來而已呢

Li : 哈~你這張表情可真經典阿 是有人在和你搶東西吃嗎?

Sho:你別糗我了 還不都是因為那家餐廳的東西美味極了 害我都沒淑女形象啦

Li :是阿 那天吃了不少希奇的異國料理呢

Sho : 你還敢說我 瞧瞧你這張跌個狗吃屎 更經典勒

Li :天阿~~ 你有拍到阿? 喔~~我的天阿~~誰來殺了我吧

Sho : 哈哈哈 想不到吧 我可是一流的攝影師呢

Li :不里你ㄌ 你慢慢得意吧

Sho : 好啦 別說這些了 這次去了許多超浪漫的地方

Li: 對阿 像巴黎鐵塔 香榭大道 凱旋門 奧塞博物館(Muse d'Orsay) 孚日廣場(Place des Vosges) 每個地方都有我們的足跡呢

Sho: 還有羅浮宮(Muse du Louvre) 艾菲爾鐵塔(Eiffel Tower) 聖馬丁運河(Canal Saint Martin)這些都是著名的景點呢


認命吧你 哈哈哈


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    A: Wow…so tired, this traveling is indelible.

    B: Sure, I am so happy, and my mind goes on it.

    A: Let us see the photos, it from the photo shop just now.

    B: Ha… this face expression is so funny on the photo, was anyone glommed your food?

    A: Don’t laugh at me. The food is so delicious in that restaurant and it make me lost my lady’s figure.

    B: Yes, we ate so many larruping foreign foods.

    A: Laughing at me? Seeing the photo that you fallen down like a dog, it is more funny than me.

    B: Oh… my God! You took it? Oh… My… let me die.

    A: Ha…ha…ha… are you shocked? I am a top photographer.

    B: I don’t want to talk to you, congratulate with yourself.

    A: Come on…Ok! Don’t talk about these. We went to many romantic place.

    B: That’s right, like Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees Ave, Arc de Triomphe, Muse d'Orsay and Place des Vosges.

    A: And Muse du Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Canal Saint Martin. Those are famous views in the world.

    P.S. 那個我用A、B代表人啦!還有巴黎鐵塔和艾菲爾鐵塔好像是同一個地方。

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    sho:呼~好累阿 這次旅遊真令我難忘阿Sho:Oh~~  It’s so tired. What a unforgettable trip!Li:是阿~ 害我到現在都還沉醉在其中Li: Ya! I am still dreaming it!Sho:來瞧瞧我們拍的照片吧 剛從相館洗出來而已呢Sho: Come see the pictures.  It just developed.Li : 哈~你這張表情可真經典阿 是有人在和你搶東西吃嗎?Li: Ha! Look at this! What a classic one!  Is there anybody try to share your food?Sho:你別糗我了 還不都是因為那家餐廳的東西美味極了 害我都沒淑女形象啦Sho: Stop making fun of me!  That’s only because the food is delicious there.  It makes me lose my nice lady image.Li :是阿 那天吃了不少希奇的異國料理呢Li: Ya! We had a lot good foreigner cuisine that day.Sho : 你還敢說我 瞧瞧你這張跌個狗吃屎 更經典勒Sho: Ok! Keep on teasing me.  Look at this; you just fall down like a shit.  It’s even classical!Li :天阿~~ 你有拍到阿? 喔~~我的天阿~~誰來殺了我吧Li: Gee…You got that? Oh~~ my goodness~~ Just kill me!Sho : 哈哈哈 想不到吧 我可是一流的攝影師呢Sho : Ha ha ha   You didn’t think about it, right?  I am a good photographer. Li :不里你ㄌ 你慢慢得意吧Li: Cut the shit!  You can enjoy that all by yourself!Sho : 好啦 別說這些了 這次去了許多超浪漫的地方Sho: Ok! OK! Let’s cut the shit! We had been to so many romantic places.Li: 對阿 像巴黎鐵塔 香榭大道 凱旋門 奧塞博物館(Muse d'Orsay) 孚日廣場(Place des Vosges) 每個地方都有我們的足跡呢Li: Ya! Like the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Muse d'Orsay and the Place des Vosges.  We had our footprint all over those places.Sho: 還有羅浮宮(Muse du Louvre) 艾菲爾鐵塔(Eiffel Tower) 聖馬丁運河(Canal Saint Martin)這些都是著名的景點呢Sho: Yes! And the Muse du Louvre, 艾菲爾鐵塔(Eiffel Tower)重覆, Canal Saint Martin all these famous tourism points.認命吧你 哈哈哈 Your time has come!  It’s your fate. Ha!

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    Sho:shout~the very tired travels to let me this time difficult forget the

    Li:is a harm me to all return the deeply drunk to now therein

    Sho:come to the lo lo, we the photograph that clap just from mutually does the building wash out just

    Li : ~Your this facial expression can really the classic is someone be looting to eat with you?

    Sho:you do not be shameful I still did not all is because of the thing delicacy pole of that restaurant to harm me to have no the fair lady image

    Li:was a to eat a few rare strange foreign country cuisine that day

    Sho : You still dare your this ZHANG DIE2 GE4's dog of saying my lo lo to eat the excrement more the classic

    Li:a ~~ do you clap the ? Oh~~a ~~who to killed me

    Sho :The is surprisingly am I a top-grade photographer however

    Li:not a your ㄌ you are slowly satisfied

    Sho : Good do not say these to go many super and romantic places this time

    Li: Be like the triumphal arch in the Eiffel Tower Avenue des Champs Elysees to fill the museum(the Muse d'Orsay) to the for day there is our footprint in each places of square(the Place des Vosges)

    Sho: Still have Luo to float the palace(the Muse du Louvre) Tour Eiffel(the Eiffel Tower) saint MA3 DING 's canal(the Canal Saint Martin) these are all well-known beauty spot