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15 Feared Dead After

In a race against time, emergency services in the German town of Bad Reichenhall are searching for survivors in the wreckage of an ice skating hall whose roof caved in on about 50 skaters under the weight of snow on Monday. But hopes of finding anyone alive after 24 hours in freezing temperatures and heavy snow are fading. At least six of the dead are children.

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    為了和時間賽跑,德國Bad Reichenhall的救難單位正在倒塌的溜冰場殘骸中搜尋生還者,該溜冰場係在週一因為屋頂承受不了冰雪重量而倒塌,當時約有五十名溜冰者困在裡頭。在24小時之後,低溫使得發現生還者的機會愈來愈低,目前找到的遺體裡有六名是兒童。

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    在種族反對時間, 緊急情況服務在壞Reichenhall 德國鎮尋找倖存者在在星期一屋頂陷下在大約50 位溜冰者在重量雪之下對滑冰大廳的殘骸。但希望發現任何人活在24 小時以後在凝固溫度和大雪褪色。至少六死者是孩子。