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tidy away & tidy out 該如可分辦?

tidy away & tidy out 該如可分辦?

可否舉例加說明。謝 謝。

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    tidy sth away: put sth in a certain place(esp out of sight) so that a room, etc appears tidy將某物收起(尤指見不到處)使房間等顯得整齊

    EX: Tidy away your toys when you've finished playing. 你玩兒過玩具之後要收起來

    tidy sth out: remove unnecessary or unwanted items from sth and arrange the rest neatly移去不要之物而將餘下之物品整理好;清理

    EX: tidy out one's drawer, a cupboard etc 清理抽屜、櫃櫥等。

    參考資料: 我的牛津高階英漢雙解辭典