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will importantly mediate dispersal. The relative importance of colonization from external sources (either through active or passive dispersers ) decreases with distance to other surface waters, i. e. with increasing geogarphicisolation. By contrast, the relative importance of colonization from the seed and resting egg bank and resident dispersal should increase with increase isolation from other aquatic ecosystems (Fig.1)

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    意志重要中間分散。殖民化的相對重要性從外部來源(或通過活躍或被動分散) 減少以距離到其它水面, 即隨著geogarphicisolation 的增加。相反, 殖民化的相對重要性從種子和休息的蛋銀行和居民分散應該增加以增量隔離從其它水生生態系

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