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請 統計 生統 方面的英文高手 幫忙翻譯一下

Age-structured population models form the basis of manystudies of animal populations, and are employed as a tool to facilitate the conservation and management of a number of

animal species of special interest, such as whales , waterfowl, and sea turtles. These models areused to assess population growth rate, minimum viable population

size, and the effects of harvest or other human-induced impacts, and to study theoretical questions of relevance to population and evolutionary biology . Data

used in the analysis of age-structured population models usually consist of individual life histories, or counts of individuals within age classes. However, it is not always feasible to collect such data. On the other hand, it is often relatively simple

to identify individuals as belonging to groups that are aggregations of one or more age classes (typically juvenile/adult). For example, many birds and mammals can be identified as juveniles based on plumage, coloration, and other physical

characteristics which may be assessed in the field. These aggregate classes are sometimes used as the basis of age structured population models and may be sufficient for many purposes.

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    年齡-結構化的人口模型形成動物人口的 manystudies 的基礎,而且被雇用如一個工具促進保護和管理一些

    特別興趣的動物品種,像是鯨,水鳥和海洋海龜.這些模型 areused 估計人口成長率,最小的有活力的人口



    確認個體為屬於一或者更多年齡班級 (典型少年/成人)的集合的團體. 舉例來說,許多鳥和哺乳動物能被確認為以鳥類羽毛,著色和其他的身體檢查為基礎的少年



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