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急急急,有關電話詐騙的文章 中翻英

可以幫我翻譯一下下面的文章 中翻英…可以不要用翻譯軟體直接翻嗎?謝謝大家






電話詐騙的案例,近年來層出不窮,你聽過一個人因為一通詐騙電話而損失兩個月薪水的故事嗎?即使沒有,大概也聽過類似的事…因為,詐騙在我們的社會,已是家常便飯… 從我們的資料中可看出,警方在受理刮刮樂詐財等新興詐欺案件,八十九年有一千一百九十四件,到去年底就增加了三倍。刮刮樂詐財集團詐騙的金額,也不斷增高,刑事局已函發各縣市警局加強查緝詐財案件,並向民眾宣導。









1. 教育自已:注意最近詐騙的新聞

2. 抱持懷疑的態度

3. 運用基本常識

4. 查證故事


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    First of all、I is it prove Taiwan now situation that phone swindles to want Second、I want to introduce several newer swindle tactics recently Deceived and offering several suggestions as to how to avoid finally My speech will last five to seven minutes、after I lecture、can be to my speech content Put forward the question、or propose your idea Case of telephone swindle、emerge in an endless stream in recent years、you listen to one swindle telephone and lose two story、monthly pay of water with one? Even not have、probably hear the similar thing、because swindles it in our society、it has already been a routine    Can find out police is it blow happy to cheat wealth wait new developing to deceive the case to accept in materials of us、there were 1,194 in 1989、increased triple by the end of last year. Blow happy to cheat wealth amount of money that group swindle、increase constantly too、criminal office letter take place all public security bureaus of counties and cities strengthen and investigate and seize and cheat the case of the wealth already、and declare and lead to the people.  In recent years、the tactics of swindle prevailed in Taiwan、mostly have seven items: Including First、it is happy to shave and deceive. Second、cell-phone news in brief cheat the wealth Third、the telephone is deceived. Fourth、do shopping to deceive. Fifth、the network game treasure is deceived. Sixth、the hunting for a job type is deceived. Under such an environment、how should we avoid being deceived? There are some suggestions as follows: 1. Educate and control oneself: Pay attention to the news that is swindled recently 2. Clasp the attitude suspected 3. Use basic general knowledge 4. Investigate and verify the story

    2006-01-08 01:19:41 補充:

    The degree of swindling the tactics and renovating、make people fully occupied every day、the people should improve vigilance at any time、the ruffian utilizes avarice of the human nature、cooperate with the space-time factor with the clever talk and an ingratiating manner、

    2006-01-08 01:20:01 補充:

    satisfy conduct swindle skill two、is it is it deceive to avoid to want except that heart deposit greedy to read、is it absorb more message in order to promote general knowledge to want even more、think、

    2006-01-08 01:20:23 補充:

    investigate and verify in details more、proper to is it is it is it put to sentence to grind to add、and then unlikely to swindle group have an opportunity to take advantage of.

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