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    Man: So how did you like professor Lee's class?

    Woman: Not so much. Her English is so hard to understand. She has a strong accent, you know?

    Man: Everyone has an accent including you. Hers is just different from yours, that's all.

    Woman: It sure is.

    Man: Don't worry about it, though. You'll get used to how she speaks pretty soon.

    Woman: In a few weeks, maybe. But in the meantime...

    Man: In the meantime, pay attention to what she writes on the board. She uses the board a lot, because she knows that some people have trouble understanding her. That's one of the way she is such a great teacher.


    Man: Hey Fong, What's the matter?

    Fong: I was just on my computer, in the chat room with three Americans, they used a lot of slang on purpose, and I did't understand, so I asked what they meant. Then they started ignoring me, and after awhile I started to feel stupid.

    Man: Ah~ you shouldn't. Your English is really good.

    Fong: But why did they have to be so mean? It seemed like they were using their English ability to have fun with each other. But they didn't really want to include me.

    Man: Well, some people will like that, that's all. You can't let them bother you. One nice thing about chat rooms is that you can leave and go to another one, or turn off your computer.


    Man: How would you trip in India?

    Woman: It was incredible. There were so many new amazing sites and sounds, and smells. And I was able to speak English everywhere.

    Man: Indian people speak English? Everybody?

    Woman: A lot of them do. Indian English is a little different from my English, but I could understand it. I also used English for other travelers who came from all over the place.

    Man: And no problem with communicating?

    Woman: No. Of course, there were some misunderstandings, like the grammar, Indian English is a little different. And sometimes I couldn't understand someone's accent. But the amazing thing was here we were, all these different people with all these different accents, and we can communicate.

    Man: Wow, that's…that's cool.


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    Man: I can’t believe it. Our English teacher is Chinese.

    Woman: Yeah…well, so are you. What’s wrong with that?

    Man: But he is not a native speaker. I want a teacher who is an American, or British, so then I can learn standard English.

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    Woman: But Mr. Tang can speak English fluently, And he knows things that native speakers don’t know.

    Man: yeah? Like what?

    Woman: like…how to learn English? I bet he can show us how he did it, and that would make it easier for us to.

    Man: Uh, maybe you’re right.

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