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    The original location of the Confucius temple was the boarding houses of the elementary school for the Air force dependents and staffs.  In 1967, the school moved to the Chien Shin Road in Taichung city and was renamed as Shen Shan elementary school.  Then, the Confucius temple was built at the same location. The Confucius temple was designed and supervised by the Taiwan Province Public Construction Bureau, and constructed by Chen Jen Construction Factory and The Taiwan Pavement Construction Company.  At first, the construction styles would be done by taking references to the ancient documents.  But, after re-considering discussing over and over again, except for taking reference to the Confucius temple in the Chu Fu in San Tung and the ancient documents in Che Li, the opinions of the scholars are widely inquired.  Much more than this, for distinguishing form the near-by Martyr temple (The style of the architecture and paints in Chin dynasty.) Finally, the palace-architecture styles in the Sung dynasty were chosen for its smoothness, solemn, plain and greatness.  The distribution of the design was the shortened size of the design and scale of the Chu Fu Confucius temple.底下的連有更多介紹 Architecture孔廟建築Confucius孔子Linghsing Door欞星門Shining WallTa Chen Door大成門Kuan Te Door廣德門Ta Chen Palace大成殿East & West Hallway東西廂房Ceremony祭典Pa Yi Dance八佾舞Musical Instrument配樂