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    No matter the ancestry comes from what square, each Chinese treat Chinese New Year as in a year the most important festival.The happiness time of this pleased spirit ocean ocean, is also with a good time that family,friend has a reunion.

    The people also like to post the New Year couplet of the square to pour, because of the homonym that"pour" to"go to";Therefore, post the anti- New Year couplet to symbolize the spring and the arrival of the wealth.

    Like other festival sorts, the food also plays count for much role during the period of Chinese New Year;The food custom of the Chinese New Year in addition to pursuing the aroma complete in order to reward oneself and families, the more important meaning lies in praying and begs for a good sign.

    However, the period of the New Year's Day also means the merriment that can have no the taboo not.This period, some superstitions and taboo still rooted in people's heart in.For example:The Chinese believe if in the big beginning of year five swept floor before, may sweep the good luck and the wealth in the house of walking.

    The other day of the New Year's Eve, leave for the other place work and the traveller who attends school to start planning the date of returning the country far.In order to avoid on the way to return home meeting the traffic jam, the people usually will start on journey in advance.The carrying returns home the traveller's train,bus and airplane always a class to explode full.No matter social how change, this and the hearthside idea, still occupy the most important position in the New Year's Day celebration ceremony activity. Therefore, no matter how itinerary is of weariness from overwork, once having a reunion with family while enjoying use of the most important New Year's Eve dinner before the table once a year, all inconvenience and toils are all worthy of.