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    What do boy students do the most horrible? I is it have three to want, one to smoke, another one to take sesame oil, another one is prone to violence. First, it makes people be unable to stand most that I want to smoke, because this is not merely harmful to body, will influence the person at one's side even more. Second, a lot of boy students like eating the sesame oil, but the hygienic habit is not good, will spit it on the road everywhere. I am thinking when you are riding the motorcycle, this is a very dangerous thing, somebody vomits the sesame oil outside while driving, if you is it pass by to ride just, how thing that decline this piece, take sesame oil can is it become very bad smell all over to make too just. Third, I think most boy student strength very much heavy, if hit the person at will, I want to cause the injury to others, will make other his impressions correctly of people not good too, and the person that this kind of violence is inclined to, will bully the little animal usually, when feeling blue, it is all a terrible thing for me to catch kitten's puppy and give vent to anger. Boy students have a lot of things that make people all very disagreeable after looking, but these three among them are that I am comparatively disagreeable.  

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