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翻譯 Google 官方 blog

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10/17/2005 04:18:00 PM

Posted by Karen Wickre, Google Blog team

This just in: Walid Elias Kai, a Ph.D. in search engine marketing, is, it must be said, an avid fan of our company. Dr. Kai, who is Lebanese, and his Swedish wife Carol live in Kalmar, Sweden, where their son was born on September 12. His name? Oliver Google Kai.

About this choice, Dr. Kai writes, "When we first knew that my wife Carol is pregnant, I said, 'we will name our child Google.' Everyone laughed and did not take me seriously. My brother said, 'Yeah, name the next one yahoo fuji nikon." And then, says Dr. Kai, the day came to make the baby official in the Swedish Registry. "I was with my friend Magnus Foss and my wife Carol, and I said yes, GOOGLE KAI. Carol knew how serious I am – she knows how much I adore Google services."

Clearly not one to shy away from a unique moniker, Dr. Kai also tells us that in the Lebanese tradition both parents have a name related to the child. "All our friends and families are calling us Abou Google (Google's father) and Emm Google (Google's mother)."

Of course, there's a website devoted to young Mr. Kai. We wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren't too hard on him.

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    對產品和技術新聞和我們的文化的Googler 洞察。


    10/17/2005 下午04:18:00

    由Karen Wickre 張貼, Google Blog 隊

    這在: Walid Elias ・Kai, Ph.D. 在搜索引擎行銷, 是, 它必須是前述, 我們的公司一臺熱中風扇。Kai 博士, 是黎巴嫩, 並且他的瑞典妻子卡羅爾活在Kalmar, 瑞典, 他們的兒子出生在9月12 日的地方。他的名字? Oliver Google Kai 。

    關於這個選擇, Kai 博士寫, "當我們第一次知道我的妻子卡羅爾懷孕, 我說, ' 我們說出我們的孩子Google 名字。' 大家嚴重笑了和沒有採取我。我的兄弟呀說, ', 命名下一雅虎富士nikon 。" 並且然後, Kai 說博士, 天來做嬰孩官員在瑞典登記。"我是以我的朋友Magnus Foss 和我的妻子卡羅爾, 並且我是說, GOOGLE KAI 。卡羅爾知道多麼嚴肅我是- 她知道多少我崇拜Google 服務。"

    沒有清楚地一避開從一個獨特的標記, Kai 博士並且告訴我們那在黎巴嫩傳統兩個父母有一個名字與孩子有關。"所有我們的朋友和家庭告訴我們Abou Google (Google 的父親) 並且Emm Google (Google 的母親) 。"

    當然, 有 網站 致力於年輕先生Kai 。我們祝願他長壽和身體好, 和希望他的同學不是太堅硬的在他。

    參考資料: 我姊
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