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We get letters (2)

9/09/2005 06:25:00 PM

Posted by Karen Wickre, Google Blog team

The Google mailbag is filled with stories like this one, demonstrating the reach of Google across countries and between people. Occasionally we'll feature such a story here. If you have a noteworthy tale about how you've used Google, write to us.

Howard and Melissa of Boca Raton, Florida, were the happy new parents of twins, a boy and a girl named Andrew and Carly. Though they were preemies born in mid-July, both babies were safely home two weeks later. "Then suddenly," Howard wrote to us, "Andrew had to be admitted to the ER. We thought it was for something little - but the doctors discovered something major." The doctors observed that his hemoglobin levels had dropped substantially - from 14 to 7 - since he was born. (Carly was not tested.)

"Since hemoglobin is what takes oxygen to the brain," continues Howard, "the doctors wanted to do an emergency blood transfusion - and time was of the essence." But to the dismay of the parents, the doctors said the cord blood they had conscientiously saved would not help: They would need to use a stranger's blood, since there was no time to process theirs.


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    我們收到信 ( 2 ) 在凱倫Wickre旁邊的 06︰25︰00的PMPosted 、Google Blog teamThe Google郵袋充滿象這樣的故事 、證明穿過國家的Google的力所及的範圍,和在人們之間。  偶爾我們將這裡以這樣的一個故事為特色。  如果你有一個值得注意的關於你怎樣已經使用Google的故事 、給我們寫信。 Boca Raton的好爾德和梅莉莎 、佛羅裡達 、作雙胞胎的愉快的新父母 、一個男孩和一個女孩名叫安杜魯和Carly。  他們早產兒出生在七月中旬雖然 、兩個嬰兒都兩周以後安全是家。  "然後突然,"  好爾德給我們寫信 、"安杜魯必須被允許進入ER。  我們認為它是為很少的事情 - 但是那些醫生發現主要的事情。 " 那些醫生觀察他的血紅蛋白水準已經大量下降 - 從14到7 - 自從他出生。  (Carly沒被測試.) " 血紅蛋白是帶氧到大腦的,"  繼續好爾德 、"那些醫生想要做一次緊急輸血 - 並且時間是絕對必要的。 " " 但是對那些父母的驚慌 、那些醫生說他們已經認真保留的繩子血將不幫助︰ 他們將需要使用陌生人的血 、自從沒有時間處理他們的。  

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