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    Why didn’t I pass the English exam?

    My English has been bad since the third grade in junior high school, and

    I have not tried to improve my grammar enough.

    I spent a lot of time memorizing vocabulary, because I wanted to pass the university entrance exam.

    However, I’ve forgotten most of the vocabulary after being a university student.

    The more I don’t know English, the more I dislike it.

    I know that English is a very important universal language.

    When I went abroad not long ago, I couldn’t communicate without speaking English and

    this made me realize the importance of English.

    Honestly, I’ve been trying to learn English well.

    It seems that I need to start relearning English again, but I am too lazy to spend time learning it.

    Maybe I always think there is too much to learn and this discourages me from learning English.

    Due to my inability to learn English, I don’t find it interesting.

    Also, I am too lazy to memorize vocabulary on a regular basis.

    Even though I had memorized the voc, I forget everything after a couple of days.

    I did not reorganize what I had learned from my teacher after class.

    Since I don’t know how to ask questions in class and that I have so many questions, makes me feel that my English is bad.

    In this exam, I didn’t know how to answer the listening section and I knew that I needed to improve my listening ability.

    Moreover, I ran out of time and I knew that I needed to develop my reading skills.

    Also, I think the mark I got is so awful that I am worried that I will fail the course, but I am very happy that I will get a second chance to make it up.

    Memorizing vocabulary is the best way to master English. As a result, I will have to memorize vocabulary and review it afterwards, so that I won’t forget it easily.

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  • 1 0 年前

    This English why test not good?

    My English is from the country three the beginning does not like very much.

    Country 3:00, some phrase changes,grammar, I all have no careful make it to understand.

    High three for taking the entrance examination of university, will spend time carry word on time's back.

    But went to the university, the word also forgot many.

    Because more and more of don't understand, make me like English less and less.

    I know English am one international language that kind is important very.

    Go abroad recently, detection communication really all wanting to use English, I feel more its importance.

    In fact, I also has been wanting to learn English good very much.

    But to learn good English, seem again have to the heavy head learn, woulding be lazy have to spend time to learn good English.

    The sometimes there will be a kind of viewpoint-"to learn the good language, go abroad directly to learn more and fast.

    Because have this kind of viewpoint, English is just always not all right?

    The oneself learns the ability of the language slow, also has no very big interest to English.

    The peacetime is also lazy and have to carry on the back the English word.

    Carried on the back the word on the whole, may lead for several days and forget.

    The teacher has a class to teach of grammar, the oneself heard and then calculate.

    The place that don't know and ask and don't know, the problem was too many, so English just will is not good.

    This English examines, hearing the power really want to strengthen again, hearing finish know nothing how the way write.

    And write the speed of the examination paper too slowly, to examine the oneself's English reading.

    Oneself's also feeling to test this kind of result can hardly see, worry the oneself will be been very much.

    Have the chance of the make-up exam, really and very happy.

    Hereafter want to carry on the back some English words much and much.

    See finish still want

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