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抱歉唷!內容越簡單越好!因為我女朋友他要背起來 ^^"


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麻煩各位幫幫個忙 謝謝呢!


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    Jacky (1):Good Morning~ Jimmy. How's going holiday?

    Jimmy (1):I just stay at home. Don't go anywhere.

    Angel (1):You didn't go anyplace for shopping, Jimmy.

    Jimmy (2):My family almost out of town. So...

    Jacky (2):Don't be sad. New Year almost come in.

    Jimmy (3):Ya! I know. Are you closed in new year?

    Angel (2):Yes,I wish is holiday so long ago. I can take the time for break.

    Jimmy (4):I need something to eat. Give me the bagels&coffee,please.

    Angel (3):Sure,You want with butter or cream cheese?

    Jimmy (5):With Cream cheese,Thank you.

    Jacky (3): It's ready. Jimmy.

    Jimmy (6):Thank you.I got the go. See ya.

    Jacky (4):See ya. Have a good day.

    Angel (4):Take care. Jimmy.

    Lisa (1):Good Morning. I want buy something hot.

    Jacky (5):You can try today special.

    Lisa (2):What's that?

    Angel (5):Red Bean hot milk tea.

    Lisa (3):How's taste?

    Jacky (6): Little be sweet. or I just put some sugar.

    Lisa (4): Sounds good.

    Angel (6):Total 2.13 . Thank you.

    Lisa (5):This 3 dollars

    Angel (7): Eighty seven cents change

    Larry (1):Give me the hot dog combo.

    Jacky (7):Sure. Waiting about 6 mins

    Larry (2):OK. What's combo come with?

    Jacky (8):You can choice,Coffee.Tea.Milk tea or ice green tea.

    Larry (3):I get the coffee double double.

    Jacky (9): Sure. How's going today?

    Larry (4):Weather to cold,I need something hot.

    Jacky (10):OK.. That's why you choice coffee.

    Jacky (11):It's ready. Total 3.20cents. Thank you.

    Larry (5):Here 4 dollars. Keep change.

    Jacky (12):Thank you&Have a good day.


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    A: Girls, Do you have any new gossip? 女孩們,最近有任何新的八卦嗎?

    B: Can you change another topic? The rumor is very boring. 你可以換新的話題嗎?謠言很無聊!

    C: Don't be so serious. I like it.別這麼認真,我可喜歡了!

    D: Me too. We are in the coffee shop, so gossip is a good topic.我也是,我們人在咖啡廳八卦是一個好題材!

    E: That's why we are here. I have a new one.那就是為何我們人在這,我有個新的八卦

    A: Really, tell us. Hurry up!真的嗎,趕快說來聽聽

    E: My room-mate’s boyfriend has an affairs with a gay. Do you know it?我的室友和一個同志有誹聞,你們知道嗎?

    B: Are you kidding? 你在開玩笑吧

    C: I don't believe it.我才不相信

    D: I know it. Because she told me last night.這是真的因為昨晚她告訴我了

    E: I'm not a liar. She said she really wanted to kill them.我才不是騙子,她說她超想殺了他們

    D: When I heard it, I also wanted to the same thing.當我知道這事時,也想這麼做

    B: May be their relationship has problem such as communication.也許她們的關係出了問題像是溝通方面

    C: Or pressure.或是壓力

    A: What they want to do?她們打算這麼辦?

    E: I have no idea. I only know they have a big fight last night.我不知道,我只知道昨晚他們大吵一架

    D: She said she wants to break up in this moring.今早她說要和男友分手

    B: It's a good decision.這是一個好的決定

    C: May I ask a question? Was her boyfriend drunk?我能問個問題嗎?她男友是否喝醉?

    A: Did she have doub check?她有再次確認嗎?

    D: I don't know. I didn't have courage to ask detail questions. 我不知道,我可沒勇氣問詳細的問題

    A: I know your thought. If I were you, I would shut my mouth.我了解了,如果我是你,我也會閉上嘴

    B: Don't be so loudly. We are be focused.別這麼大聲,有人注意我們了

    E: I think we had better change a new topic.我想我們最換個話題吧

    C: I agree your point. How about your part-time job? I raised.我同意你的想法,你的工作怎麼樣了,我加薪了。

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