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中到英    請不要用軟体   謝謝    可譯大義就好摘要說明1.      修改內容及表單,修改部份以藍色字体標示2.      因應南京廠使用,故增加此表單3.      成品經檢驗不符合規格,但急需採用該項原物成品時,在不影響產品使用功能或特性的前提下,得依本辦法辦理特別採用,以免影響正常生產或出貨品4.      最終檢驗不合格之成品5.      提出特採申請之單位6.      成品檢驗不合格特採之提出:業務單位7.      特採申請審查:品管(保)單位8.      特採之核淮:品管(保)單位經理9.      特採:在不影響安全性、公害性及重要機能、特性之特別採用。

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    1.        amend content and watch single, amend as blue's font's indication department2.        because should Nanjing's factory usage, therefore increase this' watch single3.        finished goods by inspect not accord with specification, but exact adopt this item's protoplast's finished goods' time, at not affect product use function or under characteristic de premiss, should as this' method transact especial adopt, for fear affect normal manufacture or come out goods4.        finally inspect not eligibility zhi finished goods5.        bring up very pick up apply zhi unit6.        finished goods inspect not eligibility what very pick up bring up: Business' unit7.        very pick up application's checkup: Taste administer (protect) unit8.        what very pick up's hilum Huai: Taste administer (protect) unit's manager9.        very pick up: At not affect safety, public hazard sex and important enginery, characteristic zhi especial adopt.

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    銘哥: 版主說了[請不要用軟体], 你們怎麼這麼不尊重人家的懇求呢???

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