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影像處理為電腦圖學這門領域中最熱門的研究之一,本組主要探討的方向為:NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) 之研究,主要目的是以電腦演算法自動去產生類似素描、水彩及油畫等種類,其輸出結果是與一般照片所呈現不同類型的事物。而 NPR 更可以依照著有無實體模型 (Physical Model) 去作細部分類,若有實體模型 (Physical Model),則是依據其特性,以程式直接下去模擬;而無實體模型 (Non-physical Model),則需憑藉著研究思考與觀察,盡可能找出更多正確資訊,來模擬求得最終結果。

本組參考了影像處理的 NPR 之非實體作為深入的探討,討論結果是以馬賽克為出發點;首先分三組分別蒐集書法、人臉及風景圖各一萬筆資料,並使用 MSSQL 系統建置各別的圖檔資料庫;接著透過系統之介面,輸入一張原圖並選取影像切割數,再經由轉換後,原圖所呈現的不再是一張普通的圖,而是由許多不同的圖檔一起構成的影像,遠看和原圖比對會形成相似的狀態,不過近看會像拼圖似的,形成很有趣的結果。這種影像便是本組所要呈現的效果了!



Image process is a popular research in the computer graph. The main direction of our team is NPR (Non-Photo-Realistic Rendering). The main purpose that use computer algorithms automatic product similar to pencil sketching, watercolor and oil painting. The result is different from normal images. Furthermore, according to the physical model that NPR to clear classifies. The physical model is according to their characteristic and using programs to simulate, The non-physical model is according to researcher’s thinking and observation. Try to find more direct information, and select simulate NPR’s last result.

Refer to image process about NPR to do a deeply research, we decide to start on Mosaics. At first, we divided into three crews, to collect ten thousand calligraphies, faces, scenic photo, and use MSSQL system to build up individual image database. Through the systematic interface, we can input an original image and image cutting number. After transform, the original image is not a normal one that from many different image titles to build together. The new image will alike from the distance, but it would be like jigsaw with a funny result when closer. The image result is our team wants to present.

Keywords: Non-Photorealistic-Rendering, Image Processing, Physical Model, Mosaic


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    ********************************Chinese summary* ***************************Image dispose for computer drawing learn most in great demand research one of the in this' a domain, this' a group of chief inquire into de direction for: NPR  (Non- Photorealistic Rendering)  zhi research, maim purpose is as computer algorithm automatic go bring forth analogous sketch, watercolor and oil painting's wait for category, its output product is with ordinary photo take on different type de affairs. But  NPR  Much can according to have have not entity model   (Physical Model)  go do detail classification, if ens entity models   (Physical Model) ,then is as its characteristic, as procedure directly down mold draw up; but have not entity model   (Non- physical Model) ,then need rely on research think with observation, as far as possible seek come out much many right information, come mold draw up seek final result.This' group refer image dispose de  NPR  Zhi aeriform as deepen inquire into, discuss as mosaic result is for springboard; first of all dispart three group of difference hui a section calligraphy, face and scenery's picture's each's 10,000 sum of data, and use  MSSQL  Systematic build put different imagefile's data base; go on permeate system zhi interface, import a piece of primary work and select image incise number, again by convert behind, primary work take on de no longer is a piece of common picture, but by many different imagefiles together compose de image, far look and primary work than to can form similar condition, just near look can like composite picture like, form very funny result. This' a kind of image that be this group want take on de effect!keyword: not's real photo, image disposal, entity model, mosaic

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