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Beachmasters什麼東東? 不會翻這個字...連在一起查沒查到 難道是分開的嗎?Beach海灘 masters主人 能手.... 到底這字什麼意思?原文Thus they can be called natural “Negotiators,” but other names which might capture their style are “Troubleshooters” and “Beachmasters.”我的翻譯: 因此,他們也被稱為天生的”談判專家”,其他根據他們風格所取的名子有”麻煩終結者”跟???

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    翻譯: 因此,他們被稱為天生的”談判專家”,但其它根據他們風格所取的名字有”麻煩終結者”和“海灘勤務專家”

    Note that there is a special unit, called beachmaster unit, under US Department of Defense. It’s a commissioned naval unit of the naval beach group designed to provide to the shore party which is capable of supporting the amphibious landing of one division (reinforced).

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    如此他們能被自然的呼叫  “談判代表, ” 但是可以俘獲他們的風格的其他的名稱是  “糾紛調停人” 和  “登陸指揮官.”

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    因而他們可能叫做自然"談判員," 但也許奪取他們的樣式的其它名字是"Troubleshooters" 和"登陸卸貨指揮官。"

    參考資料: 樺~
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    參考資料: 新浪網字典
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