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一大早的今天,突然想翻譯一句詞。就是「功夫」中,火雲邪神初被帶至斧頭幫,接住子彈略顯身手後說的,「天下武功,無堅不破,唯快不破。」我試一下哦:All kinds of kung fu that it's impossible to be invincible throughout the world, but velocity can be perfect.不知這個句子的問題大不大?希望學習英文已有心得的高手大大們不吝賜教。^^

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  • Adam
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    There's no other technique/skill of Kung-fu that is matchless/unbeatable except for the swiftest kind.字面上的意思是"除了最快的招式(technique/skill)之外,世上沒有其他種的武功是無敵(matchless/unbeatable)的"功夫有英文版,去租DVD應該可以知道電影版本是怎麼說的!

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    Good job! Clear and concise.

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    that 是指代 後面加上代名詞 it 是錯誤的

    perfact 跟 impossible to be invincible 並不是完全相反的意思 ,若是一定要用BUT wording 可能需要換一下


    天下的武功 最厲害的武功仍會有其罩門 唯有速度是不能被打敗的 (除了有更快的啦~)


    In the world of Kung Fu, even though the strongest can still be broken, the fastest can never been defeated.

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    字幕上打In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines the winner.

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    Well, they are professional, what can I say?

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    Your are on the right track, the following sentence may sound a bit better:

    There's no such thing as invincible kung fu/martial art, but the speed of execution is invincible itself.

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    That was the best translation I have ever seen! I wonder where who did it? Must be a Chinese/English guru!!

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    but you may have noticed that not all movies have good translations, I have seen some really dodgy ones myself, that's why I really appreciated this good translation here.

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    ' acrobatic skill all over the world, it is not broken not to

    be hard, only nearly not broken. '