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請問juke out是什麼意思呀?


The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, left, 『jukes out』 the Indiana Pacers' Fred Jones before scoring during the first half of their NBA game on Monday in Los Angeles.

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    Juke out means to move very fast in such a way that you can get past someone. Typically you pretend you are going right or left in a sudden burst, and when the defender goes that direction, you go the other direction.

    參考資料: a foriegner who loves playing basketball
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    juke 用假動作誘使(對方球員)離位

    所以juke out 也就是假動作誘使對方離開他固守的位置

    在上半場球賽得分前,左方洛杉磯湖人隊的Kobe Bryant假動作誘使印地安那溜馬隊的Fred Jones 離位。