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    1.Feel uncomfortable in this way ?

    2.It is too heavy that strength attends the meeting?

    3.The wound should keep dry, the situation that notice the wound healing?

    4.I am a student of XX department of nursing ?

    5.Are you paying attention to one's own blood sugar usually?Ones that control, OK?

    6.Do you know how long already oneself there is diabetes?

    7.Take care of yourself carefully , pay attention to one's own wound!

    8.Hope you wound can healing quickly under our treatment again!

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    1. Is it uncomfortable for you?

    2. Is the pressure too great?

    3. You have to keep your wound dry and watch for the intention of it.

    4. I am a XX nurse student.

    5. Do you watch for your blood pressure? How's the control of it?

    6. How long have you known that you have diabetes?

    7. Take care, and watch for your wound site.

    8. Hope your wound would recover soon under our treatment.

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    1.Will you feel uncomfortable like that?

    2.Will it be too forceful to you?

    3.The wound should be kept dry, and pay close attention to the recovering wound.

    4.I am a nursing major student.

    5.Are you regularly recording your blood sugar level? Is it under the control?

    6.Do you know how long you have been had diabetes?

    7.Take good care of yourself, and pay close attention to your wound.

    8.We hope that you will get recovered quickly under our taking care.

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