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誰能幫我翻譯心理學的題目 英翻中


1. The first psychologists to explore insight problems in depth were the

a.  behaviorists

b. cognitive psychologists

c. clinical psychologists

d. Gestalt psychologists

2. Gestalt psychologists explored _________ problems in great depth

a. learning

b. isomorphic

c. insight

d. military

3. Joe did very well on his placement test. He adjusted well to his new job, and employer. What critical aspect of intelligence is relevant here?

a. learn from mistakes

b. adapt to the environment

c. control their thinking processes

d. learn from their own culture

4. When people claim that dogs are more intelligent than cats, their analysis is problematic because

a. research has shown that cats are actually smarter than dogs.

b. compared to total body size, the size of a cat's brain is larger than a dog's

c. comparison of intelligence across species ignores the adaptations that each species has made to its environment

d. cats have shown more cognitive complexity than dogs

5. The impetus for Binet's efforts efforts to develop intelligence tests is still of major interest in the study of mental retardation. This is because Binet

a. thought mental retardation was more prevalent than was observed by the Minister of Public Instruction

b. was instructed to develop a school placement test that would identify mentally "defective" children

c. was interested in developing a test that would accurately measure sensory acuity in the mentally retarded

d. thought that using psychophysical methods was the best way to identify mentally retarded children

6. The physically handicapped individual would probably do best on tests constructed by

a. Binet

b. Cattell

c. Galton

d. Wissler

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    2.完形心理學者探究ˍ________ 棒的深度的問題





    3.喬在他的安置測試上做得很好。 他調整得好到他的新工作 , 和雇主。 什麼智力的重要方面是有關的在這裡?

    a。 從錯誤了解

    b。 適應環境

    c。 控制他們的思考處理

    d。 從他們自己的文化了解


    a。 研究已經顯示貓實際上是比狗聰明的。

    b。 對總身體大小比較,貓的腦大小是比狗大的

    c。橫過品種忽視指述每個品種已經製造它的環境的改編的智力 比較

    d。 貓已經超過狗顯示比較認知的複雜

    5.發展智力測驗的為 Binet 的努力努力的動力仍然是對智力不足的研究主要的興趣。 這是因為 Binet

    a。 認為智力不足普遍被公眾指導的部長觀察了

    b。 被教發展將會識別心理上 " 有缺陷的 " 孩子的一個學校安置測試

    c。 對發展感興趣將會確地測量知覺的銳敏的一個測試在那心理上智能遲滯

    d。使用, 認為


    a。  Binet

    b。 卡特爾

    c。 高爾頓

    d。  Wissler

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