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impact financial reporting

The impact of financial reporting on the user of accounting information (owners, management, investor)

i want the answer of this question, this is a sddignment i don't want anyone try to help me explain this question because i know already. if you can you can help to answer this question in summary or you can help to find the information from the web side. Thx for everyone who try to help me to answer it. thankyou very much ^^"

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    First of all, you know you can find the answer on internet, why are you not finding it yourslef.

    Secondly, preapproved everything before you submit anything in the future.

    Third, according to you, you know the answer alreday, why ask?

    AND Finanlly, here is the answer,

    Financial report can help the owners ( shareholder) determinding management's performance ( and this is depanding on what type of organization is this company; there are three type of bussiness organization: sole, partner, and croporation). To management, a financial report can be use to forcasing future earning, and company's annual performance, financial report have a huge impact on future management decision making. Finally, financial report can help investors with decision making of investing this company or not ( however, not only investors using a company's financial report, creditor use it too. such as a bank, or any type investing company; before those future creditor lending money to any company, a WACC, BP, NVP, PV, FV... has been very well caculated alreday.

    I am ready to go home, I am sure so mistake has been made, if you need any further help let me know.

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    In terms of owner and management, the financial report also provides the performance of the company.

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    The impact of financial reporting to the owners are to determine whether if the company is profiting or not. The impact of financil reporting to the managment is help assist to better plan for next year. Last but not least, the impact on the investors are to help them foresee if this company is worth buying their stock or shares.

    參考資料: me with accounting degree
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