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大賊 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


Where is Papa going with that (ax)?\"said Fern to her mather (as) they were setting the table for breakfast.\"Out to the( hoghouse),\"(replied) Mrs. Arable \"Some pigs were (born) last night.\"I do not see why he needs an ax,\"(continued) Fern,who was only eight.

\"Well,\"said her mother,\"one of the pigs is a (runt).It is very small and (weak),and it will never (amount) to anything.So your father has (decided) to away with it.\"

\"Do away with it?\"(shrieked) Fern.\"You (mean)( kill) it? Just because it is smaller than the (others)?\"

Mrs. Arable put a (pitcher) of (cream) on the table.\"Do not (yell),Fern!\"she said.\"Your father is right.The pig (would probably die anyway).\"

Fern (pushed) a chair out of (way and ran outdoors).The grass was (wet and the earth smalled of springtime).Fern\'s (sneakers) were (sopping) by the time she (caught up) with father.

請幫幫我翻譯!感謝你!有()括號的 請特別翻譯!謝謝!


"Please do not (kill it)!"she (sobbed)."It is (unfair)."

Mr. Arable (stopped )walking."Fern",he said (gently),"you will have to (learn) to( control yourself)."

"(Control myself?)"(yelled Fern). "This is a( matter )of life and( death),and you talk about( controlling myself)."

有()括號的 請特別翻譯!謝謝!

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  • 1 0 年前

    ax = 斧

    as = 當..時

    hoghouse = 養豬場

    replied = 回覆

    born = 出生

    continued = 繼續說

    runt = 小家畜

    weak = 虛弱

    amount = 產生...結果

    decided = 決定

    shrieked = 喊叫

    mean = 意思

    kill = 宰殺(動物)

    others = 其他

    pitcher = 一壺的量

    cream = 奶油

    yell = 叫喊

    would probably die anyway = 怎樣他都會死

    sneaker = 運動鞋

    sopping = 渾身濕透的

    caught up = 趕上

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  • 1 0 年前


    那裡是Papa 匹配那棵ax?"said 蕨她的mather 如同他們佈置桌為breakfast."Out 對hoghouse, "回復了Arable 夫人" 一些豬是出生為時night."I 沒看見為什麼他需要軸," 持續的蕨, 是只八。"很好," 說她的母親, "豬的當中一個是runt.It 是非常小和微弱的, 並且它從未將共計您的父親決定了對與它的anything.So 。" "廢除it?"shrieked Fern."You 手段殺害它? 正因為它比其他小?" Arable 夫人投入了一個投手奶油在table."Do 不是叫喊, Fern!"she said."Your 父親是right.The 豬would?probably?die 無論如何。" 蕨推擠了椅子在方式外面和跑了outdoors.The 草是濕的並且地球smalled springtime.Fern's 運動鞋sopping 當她跟上了父親的時候。

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