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about asthma(氣喘)?狠緊急.....

Witch scientist discovered the asthma?


and when does it discover?

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  • Alice
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    氣喘(Asthma)源自於希臘字"panting",意思是正在喘息,是一種相當古老的疾病,但什麼是氣喘?從Hippocrates時代一直到現代,對其定義就五花八門,在古埃及,希伯來,古印度的書籍都有類似氣喘描述的醫學文章,在閩南語也有叫“嗄龜”,公元前兩百年,希臘Aretaeus of Cappadocia是第一位對氣喘作描述的醫師,“由於跑步或運動,或任何工作,以致呼吸氣流困難,就叫做氣喘”[1],自此以後,隨著對此疾病的了解,在醫學書籍可見各種定義或診斷的描述,一直到近代,包括Ciba基金會[2],美國胸腔學會[3],世界衛生組織[4],美國衛生部[5]等,都曾對氣喘下 定義,由諸多定義中,其中有三個要素較可被同意:(1)慢性氣道發炎;(2)可逆性氣流阻塞;(3)支氣管加強反應,這是主要的病理生理變化,也導致臨床症狀表現,如哮喘(wheeze),呼吸困難,胸緊,咳嗽及痰的分泌。

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    It was discovered around 400BC

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    asthma was first described by Hippocrates as a medical condition (at least those that we have a record of).  So it must be around his lifetime, ~400BC.Subsequently asthma has been characterized by various people in various literature.  See this entry from wikipedia:The word asthma is derived from the Greek aazein, meaning “sharp breath.” The word first appears in Homer's Iliad;[2] Hippocrates

    was the first to use it in reference to the medical condition.

    Hippocrates thought that the spasms associated with asthma were more

    likely to occur in tailors, anglers, and metalworkers. Six centuries

    later, Galen wrote much about asthma, noting that it was caused by partial or complete bronchial obstruction. Moses Maimonides, an influential medieval rabbi, philosopher, and physician, wrote a treatise on asthma, describing its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.[3] In the 17th century, Bernardino Ramazzini noted a connection between asthma and organic dust. The use of bronchodilators started in 1901, but it was not until the 1960s that the inflammatory component of asthma was recognized, and anti-inflammatory medications were added to the regimen.