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這篇心得報告我上網查字辭及專有名詞 並且請教了很多人



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    1.心得報告: report of self-opinion

    2.上網: surf the Enternet

    3.查字辭(查字典): look it up in the dictionary或是 consult the dictionary

    4.專有名詞: particular noun

    5.請教: consult

    整句的翻譯:This report of self-opinion I look it up in the dictionary and search for particular nouns by surfing the Enternet,and consult many people.


    參考資料: individual opinion
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    For the reflection reported, I went online to look up in the dictionary and techinical terms, as well as making consultants with many people.

    可能就這樣吧 參考看看

    參考資料: 個人
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    這篇心得報告我上網查字辭及專有名詞 並且請教了很多人

    this book report i researched from lots of web dictionary and dictionary of technique term, also ask many people to proof for me

    參考資料: self
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