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I am confused about cd-826

as the title

Recently I bought a cd-826(electric dictionary)

I press the\"Reset\"..

but it doesn\'t work at all

I really don\'t know what\'s wrong with it?

please help me~~please @@


Becase I have an old one(cd-88)

I try to do same action on it..

and then it can show some information

something like "delete information or not"...

so I just wanna try on my 826

but it still doesn't work at all

that's why I guess this is a broken one

(actually,I press it very hard!!)


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  • Elly
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    1 0 年前

    Do you mean you bought a 無敵cd-826 electric dictionary recently?

    Why do you try to reset it if it is a new one?

    I only reset my electric dictionary when it didn’t work right.

    Besides, I believe you have got a guide book when you bought it (it is right in the box with the dictionary). Just check the guide book and follow the instruction and I believe you will know how to do. Otherwise call their customer service department, and ask them your problem for help.

    If the problem caused from the dictionary itself, you’d better hurry to change another new one during the warranted period.

    Good Luck!