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請 各位幫忙回答以下幾句英問問題



[抱歉因打錯是沒有 1 的]

2.Would you like to have a fishbowl at your house?


3.Draw a picture of a fishbowl with three fish in it


4.What kind of fish do you like? Draw this fish.

你喜歡哪種魚? 請把牠畫出來.

5.Can a fish close its eyes?


6.Do you think Susan`s fish is smart?


7.Is Mary Susan`s classmate? How do you know?

瑪莉是蘇珊的同學嗎? 你如何得知?

8.Do you like to work with your firends? Why or why not?

你喜歡和你的朋友們一起工作嗎? 為什麼或者為什麼不?

9.Would you like to make a tree house? Why or why not?


10.Why would people want to have a tree house?


11.Would you like to live in a tree house? Why or why not?

你想住在樹屋裡嗎? 為什麼或者為什麼不?

12.Describe your experience of flying a kite.


13.Would you like to have orange hair?


14.What color is your hair?


15.Who cuts your hairs?


16.Write an e-mail to your cousin.

請寫一封電子郵件給你的堂/表 兄弟姊妹.

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    2.Yes,I would like to.是ㄉ,我想


    4.I like the fish called "Red Dragon".我喜歡紅龍

    5.No,a fish can't close its eyes.不行,魚不能閉上雙眼

    6.Yes,I think so.我想是ㄉ

    7.Yes,she is.Mary told me.是ㄉ,瑪莉告訴我ㄉ

    8.Yes,I like to.Because we can help each other.是ㄉ,我喜歡,因為我們可以互相幫忙

    9.No,I wouldn't like to.Because I can't climb a tree.不,我不想,因為我不會爬樹

    10.Because it is funny.因為有趣

    11.Yes,I would like to.Because I can see mamy things on the ground.是ㄉ,我想要,因為我可以看到地上ㄉ許多東西

    12.At first,it's hard to make the kite fly.I have to keep running.If the weather is not good,it will be difficult to fly a kite.I usually ask my dad to make the kite fly.And let me hold it.一開始很難,我必須不停ㄉ跑,如果天氣不好會很難放風箏,我通常都請我爸爸幫我放,然後再給我拿

    13.Yes,the color is fashion.是ㄉ,這顏色很流行

    14.My hair color is dark brown.我ㄉ髮色是深棕色ㄉ

    15.When I was young,my mom cut the hair for me.After I grow up,I usually go to the hair house.我小ㄉ時候是我媽媽幫我剪ㄉ,我長大後都去髮廊

    16.Dear Irene

    Please help me to write the English homework.It's emergency.I need it after this winter vacation.You must help me.Or I'll be dead.Thanks a lot.

    Your cousin,Cindy




    參考資料: Myself
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    2. Sure, that will be great!

    3.I'm not good at drawing, sorry.

    4.My favorite fish is the Nimo.

    5.I don't think so. They sleep with eyes opened.

    6.I have never heard about Susan`s fish, sorry.

    7.Yes, she is a friend of Susan, they get along very well.

    8.Yes,I do. I can learn something new from my friends.

    9.Wow, a tree house! That is awesome! I can have my own little house.

    10.Maybe they need a private space just like me.

    11.I would like to. It is a special experience which very different from sleeping in bed.

    12.It's like I am going to fly with the kite.

    13.Wonderful! I love orange, of course I want to have to orange hair!

    14.My hair was born in dark brown.

    15.I go to a hair salon.

    16.Dear Jamie:How are you in L.A? I am in my winter vacation and just came back from Japan. My trip to Japan is great; it is really a pity that you cannot come with us. How is your school? Are you still busy preparing the tests? I believe you will do all those well! Hope yo hear from you soon, take care.

    參考資料: Me