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幫我翻譯 成英文~ 15點

我的名字叫 梁佩琪,













幫我翻 自我介紹 這4個字


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    My name is Pei-Chi Liang.

    I think that I am turning 17 years old this year.

    I am a second year student of Nursing at some school.

    There are three members in my family, and I am the second child.

    My star sign is Aquarius.

    My hobbies are listening to music and web surfing. During the weekend I like to wander around my house and do some thinking; or chat on line.

    I am a quiet person. Everyone says that since I was young; and yet they are still saying the same.

    Sitting alone somewhere and think is my favorite thing.

    Things that I hate the most - never happened yet.

    Chinese Literature, English and Mathmatics are my weakiest subjects. It seems that I am no good in any subject.

    I want to be a good nursery nurse in the future. Since I have already gone through half of the course, then I will complete it. I do not want to quit at half way. I will still continue to look for what I really want to do.

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    我的名字叫 梁佩琪,my name is 佩pai 琪 chi 梁 liang

    今年應該算是17歲了吧,and i am going to seventeen.

    目前就讀某學校,幼保科2年級,i am a sophomore in Nursing department in a school.

    家中有三個小孩,在家中排行老二,There are three children in my family and i was the second.

    星座是水瓶座,my sign is Aquarius.

    興趣是聽音樂跟上網,平時假日沒事喜歡在家裡散步跟想事情不然就是上網聊聊天。 my am interesting in listening to music and serving on net. I used to stroll around in my house or chat with my netfrieds.


    I am a quite introvert person since i was young,still, everyone think so.

    最喜歡做的事情是一個人坐在某處想事情 I like to think and stay alone and have nothing to dislike.


    最不擅長的科目是國文、英文、數學 I'm not good at Manderine, English and Math and I am not aware of what i'm good at yet.



    I want to be a nursey someday and i will continue my education to accomplish

    my expectation for i am not a halfway-quitter. I am interested to find the coreers of what I like.

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    My name is 梁佩琪..............好難喔~~我不會ㄌ!!

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    After my name is called 梁佩 琪.

    You should be able to say that I'm 17 years old this year.

    2 grades of Hoshina who studies some schools and is young at present.

    I have 3 children in the house and am the 2nd child in the house.

    A constellation is Aquarius.

    Interest hears music with the thing for which the internet is used, so using the BA internet by which a fact also regrets SA when I like taking a walk at a house safely a usual holiday, I think I make small talk.

    My individuality is quiet except for Shizuka or NIMADADA. When being small, everyone says that he says all this this as expected now.

    I think of a fact at the place where I have sat down by myself for liking doing most.

    Most unpleasant, it isn't done.

    Subjects which aren't most excellent are the character of the own country, English and mathematics.

    It's excellent in comparative way, the thing I don't have

    I'd like to do work for the future nurture one tightly, and I read half already, and I can finish continuing and reading that, and (am possible), and don't think of me, either.

    It's halfway and it's stopped. I can look for liking me to have made it true as expected continuously (possible), RU.