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例如: prove 英解:to show that something is ture






5.opening ceremony 或是只說ceremony這個意思也可以

6.theme park 或是只說theme這個意思也可以


8.cartoon studio


cartoon studio -->這個幫我照一個句子,謝謝!

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    1. perform

    .to do an action or piece of work

    .to entertain people by dancing, singing, acting or playing music

    2. castle

    .a large strong building, built in the past by a ruler or important person to protect the people inside from attack

    .in chess, to make a special move which puts your king in a more protected place at the side of the board

    3. resident

    .a person who lives or has their home in a place

    .living or staying in a place

    .[before noun] describes someone who has a special skill or quality in a group or organization

    .a doctor who is still training, and who works in a hospital

    4. spectacular

    .very exciting to look at / unusually great

    .an event or performance which is very exciting to watch and which involves a lot of people

    5. opening ceremony

    .(a set of) formal acts for opening, often fixed and traditional, performed on important social or religious occasions

    6.theme park

    .a large permanent area for public entertainment, with amusing activities and big machines to ride on or play games on, restaurants, etc., all connected with a single subject

    7. economy

    .the intentional saving of money or, less commonly, the saving of time, energy, words, etc

    .the system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used

    8. cartoon studio

    .a company or a room making cartoon products

    參考資料: Cambridge Dictionary
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    carry out or complete(an action or function).

    function or do something to a specified standard:the car performs well at low speeds.

    present entertainment to an audience.


    a large fortified building or group of buildings of the medieval period.


    (n) a person who lives somewhere on a long-term basis.

    (british)---a guest in a hotel.

    (adj)living somewhere on a long-term basis.

    attached to and working regularly for a particular institution.


    (adj)very impressive, striking, or dramatic.

    (n)a performance or event produced on a large scale and with

    striking effects.

    5 opening ceremony

    (n) a ceremony at which a building , show,etc. is declared to be



    a formal religious or public occasion celebrating an event.

    the set procedures followed at such occasions.

    6theme park(n)

    an amusement park designed in accordance with a particular setting or idea.


    a subject on which a person speaks, writes, or thinks.


    (n) the state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of

    goods and services and the supply of money.

    careful management of resources.

    a financial savings.

    8cartoon studio


    a humorous drawing in a newspaper or magazine.

    an animated film made from a sequence of drawings.

    a full-size drawing made as a preliminary design for a painting or other work of art.


    a room where an artist works or where dancer practise.

    a room from which television or radio programmes are broadcast, or in which they

    are recorded.

    a place where film or sound recordings are made.

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    參考資料: Oxford Dictionary