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今天我要寫一篇The Nursing Home﹝安養院﹞的50字英文作文,但是我不會寫....所以請英文寫作能力強ㄉ人幫我做參考一下,在此謝謝你們!



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    The goal of nursing home is to provide care and treatment to restore or maintain the patient's highest level of physical, mental, and social well-being. However, a nursing home is not a hospital and does not provide the acute care provided in a hospital setting. This is confusing to someone who wants to know the type of facility of nursing home and select the right one for their parents. If you want your parents to live at nursing home happily, I suggest you to search more information before making your decision.

    參考資料: The goal of nursing home
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    The Nursing Home is designed for old people,who can live there with well-trained person to take care of them,but all of this service need to pay money.

    Many people send their parents to this place,because they have no time to look after their elder parents.

    Anyway,that is a choice for people to decide where they want to stay when they are old.

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