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【圖12-1-40】是 Client(在此可把 Client 想像成是 Mini- Z)連線到 Sever 的畫面。







接下來這個應用程式 User 只需拖拉捲軸即可下達命令。【圖12-1-43】是這個應用程式開啟的畫面,左邊是 Server 的部份(使用者操作的),右邊這個(Client)和前一個應用程式一樣,用來做驗證用的。


【圖12-1-43】、Server 開啟1234這個 Port

【圖12-1-44】、Client 連上 Server

【圖12-1-43】是按左轉90度這個按鈕,Mini-Z 會照我們預先設好的方式完成左轉90度的動作,對應到的控制命令為0xC000。



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  • Chuan
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    【The diagram 12-1-39 】 opens the appearance【The diagram 12-1-40 】 is the appearance that the Client(can become the Client imagination here is a Mini- Z) on-line goes to the Sever.【Diagram 12-1-40 】 Client(Mini-Z) is already an on-lineAfter Client connects to the Server, then can start instruction, as 【the figure 12-1-41 】 shows.Descend the way of the instruction to present with the button, the user presses the left key of the mouse and can immediately produce a choice item that has the direction, speed, angle and time in the part of the green, and can give it related parameter here, is also the action that you hope the Mini-Z does.【The diagram 12-1-41 】 clicks the order that the button appears to choose the listHereto have already all established the parameters good, press to a while make sure then.【The diagram 12-1-42 】 presses after setting certain appearance of back2.An action with an instructionConnecting down this to apply the program User to only need the dalliance spooler can immediately descend to attain the order.【The diagram 12-1-43 】 is this application the program opens of appearance, the left side is a Server part(user operation of), the right side this is similar to ex- applied program, use to do the identification use of.This program of operation interface and ex- a different, here only have or so, in front and back can give to settle, and only give once certainly an action, also have to in advance establish good of special function, if turn to the left 90 degrees and turn to the right 90 degrees

    2006-02-09 17:22:50 補充:

    actions, orderaniesing for the 0 xCs to the control that should go to 000.【Diagram 12-1-43 】 , choose to turn to the left the appearance that 90 degrees orderanies

    2006-02-09 17:23:22 補充:

    These two applied programs want to improve of place still a lot of, for example program of credibility, friendly of complete sex of the interface, function etc., will merge these two applied programs in the future,

    2006-02-09 17:24:44 補充:

    and can let exertive its biggest effect of the Mini-Z.

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  • 1 0 年前

    【Figure 12-1-39 】 Activated Screen.

    【Figure 12-1-40 】 "Client" connected to the "Server" (you may image "Client" as a "Mini- Z")

    【Figure 12-1-40 】 "Client" (Mini-Z) is connected!

    You may start giving commands when "Client" connected to the "Server", showed as 【Figure 12-1-41 】. "Press button" to give your commands. When user "Left-Click" the mouse at the green area, it shows option lists for "Direction", "Speed", "Angle" and "Time" items. User may select the parameter for these items. "Mini-Z" will move according to these parameters user gave.

    【Figure 12-1-41 】Click button, the "Command List" will show like this.

    At this point, all the parameters are set. The user may press "OK" now.

    【Figure 12-1-42 】After click "OK", Screen looks like this.

    2. One Command for One Action

    The next application program, user gives commands by pulling spool.

    【Figure 12-1-43 】Screen showed when the application program is activated. Server is at left hand side (operated by user), Client is at right hand side (This is similar to the previous application program. For verification.)

    The operation interface is different to the previous one. One command, "Left or Right" or "Forward or Backward", can be given for action at one time only. There are some pre-set advanced functions, like left-turn 90 degrees or right-turn 90 degrees.

    【Figure 12-1-43 】、"Server" actives Port "1234"

    【Figure 12-1-44】、"Client" Connected to the "Server"

    【Figure 12-1-43】Mini-Z will turn left 90 degrees, when press "left-turn 90 degrees" button. This pre-set command is mapped to the control command "0xC000"

    【Figure 12-1-43】、Select "left-turn 90 degrees" command screen.

    There are some enhancements for these two application programs, like program reliability, friendly user interface, and integral functions.

    These two application programs will be combined as one prowerful program in the nearly future. It brings more easier, more efficient to operate Mini-Z.

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