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國語的作文 想翻音文

今天是晴天 我很高興因為我和表弟表妹要去動物園玩 我看到企鴯 無尾熊 大象 老虎 還有好多我喜歡的動物 可是我走的腳好酸喔 爸爸背我走了一下 晚上爸爸帶我們到士林夜市逛街吃東西 很晚了爸爸帶我們回家 今天玩的好累好開心

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    1 0 年前

    Today is the cloudless day, I am very happy, because I and the younger male cousin younger female cousin must go to the zoo to play I see penguins,koalas , elephants, tigers, but also some many I like animal. But I walk foot good acid oh! The daddy carried me to walk, evening he led us to window-shop to the indanthrene night market eats the thing, the very late daddy led us to go home, today plays well tired good is happy.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Today is a sunny day. I am happy because my cousins ˋ my prents and I went to a zoo. I saw penguinsˋkoalasˋelephantsˋtigers, and so on. I walked so tired ,so my father carry me on the back. At night, we went to Shin-Lin to go shopping and eat. Time flies like arrow. it's been pretty late. We have to go home. I am tired, but have much fun.

    = = 好像翻的很不好....


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    翻成音文 用唱的嗎

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