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    Dose arranges Buddha's travel notes >>It is heavy much that another unique place displays in institutional framework . A first some structure looks like the novel, there is a true protagonist, he is telling one's own adventure. At first glance, " Robinson Crusoe " like the flute good fortune . But very fast, the course of taking risks seems too fantastic, go beyond the requisition for authenticity of the plot of the novel. In the sense of the strictness, it is the subject matter which imitates the travel notes story, tell a series of funny , funny and unreal , untrue experiences; But but Swift is doing the best to reproduce the authenticity of the subject matter of travel notes at that time. As a part of travel notes, there are a lot of thoughts of Utopia the middle it, intelligent hoarse Malaysian is the reproducing of a idealism thought of Utopia. And the author has adopted uncle Ray's commonly used satire skill of drawing in the travel notes, carry on pungent satire to contemporary scientist and politicians with the brisk style, announce the human ingrained bad habit. So it is the travel notes to say this travel notes, it is needles to demote current events , reproduce ideal literature of parabling of Utopia. A lot of phenomena announced among them are still a kind of true portrayal of the society now; The discussion of the human nature is more worth contemporary people's reviewing.

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